Glengormley High School – Seeking Integrated Status


A message from Mr Massey


Over the course of term 1, the Board of Governors and I have been investigating ‘Transformation’ – the term which describes a school changing its status to become ‘integrated’. As Principal of this amazing school, I believe integrated education is good for our pupils, good for this school, and good for our community.

This area of the school website will be regularly updated to inform you of the process of transformation, give you an insight into integrated education and what it would mean for our school and provide key information on events which you can attend to learn more and have your voice heard.

The first key event for you will be integration consultation meetings as follows:


Year 8
Tuesday 28th Jan – 6-7pm

Year 9
Tuesday 28th Jan – 7-8pm

Year 10
Wednesday 29th Jan – 6-7 pm

Year 11
Wednesday 29th Jan – 7-8pm

Year 12
Thursday 30th Jan – 6-7pm

Year 13/14
Thursday 30th Jan – 7-8pm


Please come along find out more about integrated education and have an opportunity to have your questions answered.





A Guide on Integration for Parents


Please click the link to access a guide for Parents on Integration, the Process of making the transition and how it will impact our school.

A short guide to integrated education in Northern Ireland



The History of Integrated Education in Northern Ireland


Communication with Parents and Carers


In December we communicated information regarding our plans to transform to an integrated school. We believe this will bring many benefits, enhancing our teaching provision and the learning experience of our pupils. Please find a digital copy of the letter linked here.

Parental Letter