Information & Communications Technology

ICT is a very popular and successful subject area within Glengormley High School.  As a core subject, we want to inspire all students to learn more about ICT.  At all Key Stages we learn about Graphics, Video Editing, Animation, Website Design, Programming, Database Design, Spreadsheets, Multimedia Presentation, Desk Top Publishing, Flash Animation, Podcast Design, E-Safety and much more!

As well as practical skills, students will develop important skills for the world of work such as planning and organisation of work, problem solving and presentation, identifying users’ needs, producing solutions and evaluating what has been developed.    



Students in Key Stage 3 follow a dynamic and engaging ICT course. The programme of study has been designed to excite and educate students about the practical uses of ICT. Our schemes of work have been developed in-house and provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students.  All pupils work through a series of units which aim to build and develop upon their existing ICT capabilities. 



All pupils complete the CCEA GCSE Digital Technology qualification.  Through studying our GCSE in Digital Technology, students become more independent and discerning users of ICT who can make informed decisions about its use. They have opportunities to acquire and apply creative and technical skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT in a range of contexts. They also develop their understanding of new technologies and their impact on society. They take a practical approach, developing and evaluating ICT-based solutions of their own to solve problems. At the same time, they focus on ensuring that their practice is safe, secure and responsible. 


BTEC First Award in Information and Creative Technology

This course has been designed primarily for young people aged 14 to 19 who may wish to explore a vocational route into ICT

It has been developed to:

  • inspire and enthuse learners to become technology savvy – producers of technology products and systems and not just consumers
  • give learners the opportunity to gain a broad understanding and knowledge of the Information Technology sector and some aspects of the creative industries e.g. computer games development
  • explore the fundamentals of technology and gain the practical skills, knowledge

and understanding to design, make and review:

  • information technology systems and products, e.g. a software program
  • creative technology products, e.g. a digital animation
  • products that combine information technology and creative technology,
  • e.g. a website or a mobile app
  • encourage personal development, motivation and confidence, through practical participation and by giving learners responsibility for their own projects


AS and A2 in Applied ICT

AS and A2 students will complete the CCEA Applied ICT qualification.  The specification in Applied ICT encourages candidates to develop broad skills, knowledge and understanding of the ICT sector. They aim to encourage candidates to:

  • develop a broad range of ICT skills and knowledge of the uses of ICT in vocational contexts, as a basis for progression into further learning in ICT related fields
  • develop knowledge and understanding of the components, functions and applications of information systems within a range of organisations;
  • develop an understanding of the main principles of solving problems using ICT and develop the skills necessary to apply this understanding;
  • develop project management skills and an understanding of the need to work with
  • others.
  • provide opportunities for candidates to develop sufficient depth of understanding to inform their choices regarding further education, training and employment.

Due to our excellent results in Applied ICT, each year many of our students go on to third level education in a computing related course.


Teaching Staff

Mrs. J A Stewart

Head of ICT

Mrs L Handley

ICT Teacher

Mrs T Moore

ICT Teacher

Mr B Guiney

ICT Teacher, Numeracy Coordinator, E learning coordinator

Mrs P McKee

ICT Teacher / Head of Careers

Mr E Mackie

ICT Teacher/E learning coordinator

Please feel free to contact the department via email should you have any questions about the ICT Department or any of the courses which we offer. The staff within the ICT department have the dedication and skills to ensure all pupils who study with us achieve their maximum potential at all times.