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Challenger 2016/2017
Pastoral Learning Group:  Challenger 
Pastoral Learning Leaders: Mrs M Naughton and Mr N Seffen 
CAT        Mrs A Thompson
CEC        Mrs R Hulland
CJC         Mr J Carberry    
CLG        Mrs L McGowan              
CLK        Miss D McDowell (Maternity leave cover for Mrs E Rooney)
CPM       Mrs P McKee      

Congratulations to our Challenger Prefects

Sophie Kidd, Emma-Lee Logan, Caitlyn McCrea, Joshua Glass, Hannah McAllister, Katie Diven and Louise Todd.
Well done to Joshua Glass who was voted Head Boy by the staff and sixth form pupils.


Challenge 1 – Door numbers
Challenger pupils have been busy completing their first challenge.  They had to find the total of all the room numbers in school.  It was a closely fought competition but the winners were CAT.
Assembly Breakfast for Macmillan
Challenger pupils generously donated £88.50 to raise funds for Macmillan.  Louise and Harry Boden’s mum completed the ‘Brave to Shave’ and this money will be added to her collection.  Well done Challenger!
Challenge 2 - Pumpkin
Well done to CLG who won our second challenge with their amazing pumpkin design.



Challenge 3 – Reverse Advent
Our third challenge was to participate in the school’s Reverse Advent project.  Challenger pupils donated over 300 items for the elderly.  The winning form class were CEC with 84 items!

Challenge 4  - Wrap it up
On the last day of term, each form class was presented with a box, wrapping paper, scissors and cellotape.  As a team their challenge was to wrap the present as neatly as possible in the quickest time.
Well done to CJC who completed the task in just 2.5 minutes!
The results were as follows:
1st –CJC (2.30mins)
2nd –CLG (2.43mins; 30sec penalty)
3rd – CPM (5mins; 1min penalty)
4th – CEC (5.19mins)
5th – CLK (5.24mins)
6th –CAT (6mins)

The following pupils deserve a special mention for achieving 100% attendance in the first school term.  This is an excellent achievement. Well done!


  1. Caitlyn McCrea CEC
  2. Craig McCrea CEC
  3. Joel McKinney CEC
  4. Teri Meehan CEC
  5. Megan Copeland CJC
  6. Chloe Gilmore CJC
  7. Jasmine Bowers CLG
  8. Emily McManus CLK
  9. Liam Murphy CPM





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