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BBC New Report 17th March

Here is a link to the a evening news for the 16th of March which featured our pupils.

BBC News Report 15th March

The BBC News Team have been working with one of the BBC Radio colleagues to produce a radio report. The team have worked exceptionally hard and you can listen to the report here.

Well done to Sophie, Naomi, Jack, Rebecca, Mobisheer, Robyn and Ella.

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BBC News Report 13th March

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BBC News Report 10th March

This week the students have been working alongside the BBC News Team this week in an attempt to promote well-being. Rebecca has successfully demonstrated that being active as part of a role and communicating with others is a positive way to promote well-being; Naomi, Rebecca and Robyn demonstrated that sharing their learning of Victorian writers is a positive way to assist the next year group of students studying the topic and the girls connected with other students by reading some of their creative stories that would inspire and lift the moods of their peers.

Welcome to our BBC News Team!

Please meet our BBC News Team for 2017. The group of Year 9 students will be working closely with the BBC News to generate local and national news stories that will be of interest to the local community and their peers. The students are excited and are looking forward to working with the BBC in the next couple of months. We know the students will be a great success at reporting current headlines.