If you enjoy learning new things by playing games, like travelling to or are interested in how people live in other countries or just want to be cool like Johnny Depp or Bradley Cooper, then learn how to speak some French.

As well as broadening horizons, learning French also increases pupil employability in an ever-growing European, and indeed global, market.

Pupils have the opportunity to work individually, in pairs and in groups.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are enhanced through the use of ICT.

The European Day of Languages is celebrated each year on 26 September with food tasting, dressing up, games and quizzes. Pupils can also put into practice what they have learned in the classroom by joining us on a trip to France.

In junior school our learning and teaching is based on the Studio series for French.

In year 8 we learn greetings, age, birthdays and dates, likes and dislikes, hobbies, colours, pets, family, countries and nationality.

In year 9 we cover physical descriptions, personality, school subjects, giving opinions with reasons, school timetable, food, computers and mobile phones, sport.

In year 10 we study town/village, what there is to see and do there, going on holiday, getting ready to go out and buying drinks and snacks.

Key Stage 4

GCSE (CCEA) French aims to develop the ability to communicate effectively in French and to understand French in a variety of contexts. It also develops awareness and understanding of countries and communities where French is spoken.

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