Education for Employability ensures that all young people develop the personal qualities, skills, knowledge, understanding and attitudes which will give them a strong foundation for lifelong learning and work. We provide all learners with the skills they need to succeed in today’s changing work environment.


From 2007 Education for Employability has had to be taught to all pupils from year 8 to 12. Education for Employability has three subject themes:

  • Work in the Local and Global Economy
  • Career Management
  • Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

These themes have been implemented to prepare students for the world of work. Career management allows pupils to learn about career options and learn about the career paths available. Employers are looking for workers with more than literacy, ICT and numeracy skills. Employability provides opportunities for pupils to develop and understand the importance of having skills such as:

  • Managing information
  • Critical thinking
  • Creativity
  • Working with others
  • Improving personal learning
  • Communication

Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance (CEIAG)

Careers Education plays an important role in contributing to the high levels of pupil achievement in Glengormley High School.  The taught programme helps to give pupils a clear focus on career decisions which may be made in the future, and the guidance interviews conducted in schools help to guide pupils in their choices and also act as a tool to motivate and encourage pupils to achieve their goals. All pupils have one period of timetabled employability per week from Year 8 – 12.

The overall objective of effective CEIAG provision is to enable learners to become effective career decision makers, empowered to manage their own career development successfully, confidently and with due respect and care for their own needs, those of others and of their wider communities.



There are three aims at KS3 to realise this objective.

Aim 1: Self-Awareness and Development – identifying, assessing and

developing the skills and qualities necessary to choose and implement an

appropriate career plan.

Aim 2: Career Exploration – acquiring and evaluating information, and

reviewing experiences to identify and investigate appropriate career pathways and learning opportunities in education, training and employment, locally, nationally and internationally.

Aim 3: Career Management – developing skills in career planning, and

employing effective career decision-making strategies to manage transition and

make suitable career development choices, with the appropriate support, advice and guidance

Y10 pupils and their parents are counselled over the vocational implications of subject choices for GCSE courses, engaging in a Subject Mapping Workshop.



At KS4 pupils appreciate the relevance of the subject of the world of work.  Pupils have a broad understanding of links between subject and post 16 provision in terms of employment and courses in further and higher education.  Through the subjects pupils understand the implications of gender, cultural and racial issues in the workplace.

Y12 pupils have the opportunity of a week’s work experience and learn about Workplace Hazard Awareness and participate in the simulated interview programme organised by the Careers department.   Careers Officers from the Department of Employment and Learning support the work in careers lessons and carry out one-to-one interviews offering support in preparation for post 16.



Sixth Form pupils are carefully monitored with regard to Career choices and extensive support is given where application for employment, courses and university entrance is concerned.  In addition, one day courses such as Eye4Education’s Assessment Centre is organised whereby students participate in a 4 stage process incorporating applications, aptitude testing, group assessment and finally interview.  This is based on current recruitment procedures in which students are evaluated against set criteria by personnel from local and city firms in commerce and industry.

Links with industry are encouraged through all subject areas with visits to school by employers and out of school activities.


Eye4Education’s information area for parents

Do you need help supporting the career aspirations of your child?  Check out Eye4Education’s information area for parents!

To access the Parent Information  Area on their web site, please take the following steps:

1.            Go to:  www.eye4education.co.uk

2.            In the upper right hand corner click on “Resources” and then click on “Parent Information”.

3.            The first time you go to the site it will ask you for a password.  Enter “eye4education” and hit “Submit”

4.            You may be asked to prove that you’re a human by entering the letters/numbers on a photo.

5.            Then browse the categories, open the PDF documents, read them online or print them off

Patricia McKee

Head of Careers