Three Wishes entries to Young Authors and Artists 2018 Competition

This year four pupils from HIU are entering the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) Young Authors and Artists 2018 Competition.  This year the theme is “Three Wishes” where those entering are encouraged to design or write about the fantastic and fabulous things they would get up to if they were granted three wishes. We have 3 entries in the ‘Creative Writing’ category, 2 acrostic poems from our year 8 pupils Stephen Corry and Lewis Lennox and a rap from our year 9 pupil Jordan Coggle.  The boys have also entered a piece of work in the ‘Visual Art’ category, along with an entry from one of our Year 12 pupils Luka Valiukaite.  We are hoping to build on our success of last years’ competition, where are now year 10 pupil Tom Shaw placed 1st in the ‘Creative Writing’ aged 12 – 18 category.

Year 12 Young Enterprise Workshop

Year 12 students had a great workshop with Young Enterprise.  The focus was on study skills.  The programme for the session involved looking at learning styles, revision techniques, methods of studying, time management and designing your study area.  Pupils had the opportunity to think of their learning style (audio, visual, kinaesthetic) and how it would help their revision technique.  It was well led by Martin from Young Enterprise and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Mrs McDermott’s class investigate 3D shapes

Mrs McDermott’s year 8 Maths class were investigating 3D shapes by using marshmallows and cocktail sticks to for the vertices and edges.  We made as many different shapes as we could then we had a competition to see who could make various shapes the quickest.  Check out their hard work in room 9G on Open Night.  There were even a few marshmallows left over at the end for a breaktime treat!

Learning for Life and Work, Citizenship and PSHE


 ‘To inspire and encourage learners to develop socially, morally, culturally, spiritually and academically to be effective contributors to society, economy and the environment.  In summary, to be fully aware of real life issues personally, in wider society and in the workplace.’


Our departmental value is that everyone is a life-long learner regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity, religion and social background.  Our ethos is linked to the whole school ethos of mutual respect and understanding.

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Mr Coey runs a Sweatshop

Year 10 have been studying Globalisation and the negative issues surrounding ‘sweatshops’ in LIC’s and NEE’s.  They were working in crowded conditions and getting poor pay (2 Smarties per T-shirt).  Every time a group made a T-shirt to the wrong specification they had their pay deducted.  This was an exciting, yet engaging lesson thinking about global issues facing our world.

Year 11 Single Award model the penetrating power of radiation

Mr Laverty’s Year 11 Single Award Science class modelling the different penetrating power of radioactive emissions. Some pupils were alpha particles, some were beta particles and the final group were gamma rays.  They either penetrated or were stopped by different materials such as paper, lead and aluminium.

Year 13 IT Summer Job Placement opportunity

In Year 13 studying IT and consider a career in this rapidly expanding sector?  The Sentinus IT Bursary Placement Programme is an annual programme which provides students with a great opportunity to work alongside IT professionals in real IT work environments for 4 weeks over the Summer holiday period.

There are 20 placements available this Summer and students will have the opportunity to work on IT projects in their area of interest, not simply work shadowing.

For more details have a look at this IT Bursary Flyer or speak to Mrs McKee



Choir Christmas Activities

Our School Choir have had a busy week.  On Monday morning we were carol singing for shoppers at Tesco, Northcott and on Wednesday we hosted a festive coffee morning event for parents and friends.  This was a lovely relaxing morning to enjoy mince pies and shortbread and join our choir in a selection of Christmas carols and songs.  The choir would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.