Music is taught throughout the school and gives students the opportunity to explore the key elements of music; listening, performing and appraising.


All students learn music notation and are taught keyboards at Key Stage 3.Ukuleles have been purchased recently offering another aspect of practical performance.  Students also listen to a wide and varied choice of music and are tested to ascertain what they have learned and understood.


The course for Years 11 & 12 prepares pupils for CCEA GCSE Music.

All pupils who can sing or play any instrument are eligible to participate in this course.  All instruments, including voice, orchestral or brass band instruments, recorder, guitar (electric and acoustic), electronic keyboard and percussion, are suitable for this examination.

Students complete one compulsory area of study: Repeated Patterns in Music. They must also complete two optional areas of study from a choice of three. The optional areas of study are:

  • Musical Traditions in Ireland;
  • Incidental Music; and
  • Vocal Music.

The areas of study cover a wide range of musical styles and genres from around 1650 to the present day.

Students are also be encouraged to compose music in any style.  They must compose two pieces of music as part of their coursework. 

The Music Department has 20 computer workstations where pupils have the opportunity to work independently.  Software programmes can be used to produce the final compositions both in notation form (scores) and/or on audio recording format. 

Glengormley High School also offers Music at AS and A2 level.


Extra-curricular activities

Pupils are encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom. Our bi-annual musical production is always a highlight of the school year. Our most recent production, “Grease” proved to be very popular.   Please have a look at the photos on the Extra Curricular Activities section of our school site.



Mrs G Mercer – Head of Music / Performing Arts Teacher (Subject Coordinator)


Visiting Instrumental Staff:

Mr R Clinton – Brass