Mathematics is one of the core subjects and contributes to the school curriculum by developing pupils’ ability to calculate; to reason logically, algebraically and geometrically; to solve problems and handle data.

Mathematics is taught because:

  • of its use in everyday life
  • it can be enjoyable
  • of its value as subject in its own right
  • of its application to other subjects

The aims of the Mathematics Department are:

  • to build confidence in pupils so that they can deal with the Mathematics of everyday life
  • to encourage a sense of success in their Mathematical ability
  • to make pupils aware that Mathematics is an ally that can help in the study of other subjects
  • to develop each pupils potential so that those who wish to proceed to higher education may do so



In Year 8 a system of setting is used to allocate pupils to Mathematics classes. Results from Tracking Tests are used to identify pupils whose progress would merit moving to a higher class.

In Years 9 and 10 classes follow 2 schemes of work according to their ability level. Those pupils following Scheme A will begin to experience some of the Mathematical concepts and topics needed at GCSE level.


In Year 11 and 12 GCSE Maths is taught to the majority of pupils and the full range of grades are available to pupils. Those unable to attain a grade at GCSE will follow a suitable examination (Entry Level).

GCSE Further Maths is available as an option choice for those pupils studying Higher Tier Maths who are considering studying ‘A’ Level Maths in Sixth year.


AS and A2 courses are available for those students who have performed particularly well at GCSE Level. Ideally a grade B or better at GCSE is recommended and completion of the GCSE Further Maths course is desirable.


GCSE Maths Revision Videos


Mr D McNabb Head of Department
Mr C Millar Vice Principal
Mrs J Magee Assistant Vice Principal
Mrs R McIlwaine SEN Coordinator
Mrs G McDermott   
Mr A Carleton
Mrs E Sharpe
Ms M Naughton  

GCSE Maths Revision

GCSE Maths Revision Guide with the Mathmagician

Hey GCSE students….I’m the Mathmagician and I’m here to help you get a super grade in your GCSE Maths examinations….

Use these videos to help revise some of the topics you’ve covered in your Maths lessons!!

Remember – detailed revision will be your passport to success in GCSE Maths!


Finding Reciprocals

Producing Pie Charts

Working with Powers and Roots

The Three Averages and Range

Area Perimeter and Volume

Calculating With Fractions and Percentages

Converting Units

Interior and Exterior Angles of a Polygon

Pythagoras Theorem

Ratio and Proportion

Simplifying and Factorising Expressions

Working With Sequences