Home Economics

Home Economics is a strand of Learning for Life and Work.  Home Economics is designed to enable pupils to acquire the knowledge, understanding and skills to make informed decisions about home and family which may improve the quality of life for themselves and others. The practical, productive tasks undertaken in Home Economics help pupils develop a range of skills which are essential for their present and future lives. Our Home Economics department provides opportunities for pupils to study a wide variety of subjects at different levels.


Key Stage 3

Throughout this Key Stage, there are opportunities to learn about healthy food choices, nutrition, the consequences of poor diet, prevention of food poisoning, food packaging, labelling and convenience foods. Section two, involves learning about family life and the varying needs of the individuals, safety, different family circumstances and the difficulties that might arise.  Faith, customs and traditions, in different cultures.

The final part deals with consumerism, consumer rights, recycling, ethical shopping, labour saving equipment, methods of shopping and options available to pay.

Throughout the Key Stage, we work closely with other departments in the school, including Numeracy, Literacy, ICT, Geography, Science and Languages. We also contribute to the whole school ICT work by preparing a task for Key Stage 3 ICT Accreditation, covering a range of levels.


Key Stage 4

Within the Home Economics Department there are a wide variety of GCSE course offered including:
CCEA GCSE Home Economics, GCSE Child Development and GCSE Health and Social Care:

Information on the full course content, specification, past papers and solutions, for each option can be viewed by clicking on the following links.



CCEA GCSE Occupational Studies
Contemporary Cuisine, Patisserie and Baking, Childcare the Play Environment and the Physical Care of Babies is offered as more practical based qualifications.

Information on the full course content and specification can be viewed by clicking on the following link:


Careers within Home Economics

Careers are discussed at all levels ‘from farm to fork’ throughout Key Stage 3 and 4, in the Food Industry.  When studying Child Development, there is a host of possible professions that the qualification can lead to and these are discussed, as each arises.  A variety of guest speakers are invited into lessons and these people explain their roles at length and the associated jobs, in the industry.


Links with outside agencies

The Department uses a range of outside agencies to provide up to date information on the subject content. A variety of talks, visits, presentations, demonstrations and trips are organised with the aim of enhancing classroom learning and widening pupils’ experiences. These include:

  • Livestock and Meat Commission Cookery Demonstration
  • Visit to Loughry College (CAFRE) for the “Feed Your Mind” Event
  • Participants in the Mount Charles Big School Cook Off
  • Health Visitor to discuss topics and answer questions, relating to the job.
  • Loughry College (CAFRE) Careers
  • Trip to local Toys R us to find out about safety labels on toys and how certain toys help children’s development
  • Take part in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week

Pupils at Loughry College for the Feed Your Mind event:



Chef of the Week

In every Key Stage 3 (Year 8-10) practical lessons there will be a ‘Chef of the Week’ selected.

They will be assessed on the following success criteria:

Chef of the Week Success Criteria

They will receive the following certificate:

Chef of the Week certificate


Teaching Staff


Mrs L McReynolds

Miss C L McGregor

Miss A Woodside

Mrs G McCalmont

Mrs L Hodge

Livestock and Meat Commission visit

The Home Economics Department was host to a live cookery demonstration from the Livestock and Meat Commission (LMC). Year 10 HE and Year 12 GCSE Home Economics pupils thoroughly enjoyed the excellent demonstration. Pupils got the opportunity to taste the wonderful dishes which included Creamy Peppered Beef and Yummy Lamb Curry.