Our world is constantly changing. We are facing numerous challenges such as climate change, demands for fair trade, mass migration and the need to change from non-renewable to renewable sources of energy.

Within Geography lessons in Glengormley High School and through educational visits we will discuss, research and analyze these issues throughout all year groups.



Geography covers a wide and fascinating range of topics at KS3 including Our restless earth, Ecosystems, Crime, Global Fashion, Close up on China etc.

Pupils learn a wide range of skills which help them progress to GCSE.


Year 8

  • Mapskills
  • Rivers
  • Settlement
  • Restless Earth
  • Where in the UK?

Year 9

  • Ecosystems
  • Weather and Climate
  • Coasts
  • Population
  • Crime
  • Where in Europe?


Year 10

  • Tourism
  • Global Fashin
  • Development
  • China
  • Conflict
  • Where in the World?


GCSE Geography

Geography is a popular choice with topics covering both Physical (rivers, coasts and tectonics) and Human Geography (Population, Urban environments and Tourism)


Paper 1 – 35%

  • The challenge of natural hazards
  • The living world
  • The physical landscapes

Paper 2 – 35%

  • Urban challenges
  • The changing economic world
  • The challenge of resource management

Paper 3 – 30%

  • Skills
  • Fieldwork
  • Cartographic
  • Graphical


GCSE Leisure, Travel and Tourism

Leisure, Travel and Tourism is also offered at GCSE. This course covers destinations in the UK and abroad.

The course consists of;

Paper 1 – 40%

Understanding the leisure, travel and tourism industry

Paper 2 – 40%

Promoting and sustaining the leisure, travel and tourism industry

Controlled Assessment – 20%

Working in the leisure, travel and tourism industry


A Level Geography

Geography covers a range of topics including Population, Health issues, Rivers and coasts at AS. Then at A2 World cities, Plate tectonics and Conflict issues.  The modules covered include;

  • AS – unit 1 – Changing landscapes (24%)
  • AS – unit 2 – Changing places (16%)
  • A2 – unit 3 – Global systems and governance (24%)
  • A2 – unit 4 – Contemporary themes in Geography (16%)
  • A2 – unit 5 – Independent investigation (20%)



BTEC – Travel and Tourism (A-Level equivalent)

This is offered as well as a traditional Geography A level, the course covers;

  • Unit 1 – Investigating the Travel and Tourism sector
  • Unit 2 – The business of Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 3 – The UK as a destination
  • Unit 4 – Customer service
  • Unit 6 – Preparing for employment in Travel and Tourism
  • Unit 8 – Long-haul travel destinations


Careers in Geography



Photo A

Photo B

Name the exact location and win a prize.  Open to pupils and parents.

Answers on a slip of paper and give them to Mr Coey or Mrs Annett.



Mr. G. Coey

Mrs. K. Annett




Mr Coey’s Year 12 class carry out River Study

Year 12 students were out doing a fieldwork river study.  They were investigating changes in the Colin River.  It was fun day out and our pupils were a credit to the school.  See if you can spot any famous faces!



Miss Welshman’s GCSE Geography River Study

Miss Welshman’s GCSE Geography class were on a trip to the Colin Glen River yesterday. They completed a river study, learning key skills for their exam. They faced 4 seasons in one day but still had smiles on their faces. #aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits#theglengormleyway

Year 12 Human Geography Field Trip

Year 12 pupils completed their Human Geography fieldtrip. Their task was to investigate regeneration of the former Northcott complex. The pupils had to complete questionnaires with members of the public and they were a credit to the school.

Mr Coey

Year 8 Geography Rivers Roleplay

Year 8 pupils were studying the topic of Rivers and looked at the causes and impacts of flooding in Cumbria in 2009.  They then used the information to create a BBC role-play on the flooding.  This allowed the pupils to work as a team, develop communication and presentation skills and have fun as part of the leaning process.

Mr Coey runs a Sweatshop

Year 10 have been studying Globalisation and the negative issues surrounding ‘sweatshops’ in LIC’s and NEE’s.  They were working in crowded conditions and getting poor pay (2 Smarties per T-shirt).  Every time a group made a T-shirt to the wrong specification they had their pay deducted.  This was an exciting, yet engaging lesson thinking about global issues facing our world.

Year 14 Geography Field Trip to Magilligan October 2017

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The Year 14 Geography students visited Magilligan Field Centre on Thursday 26th October as part of their Independent Field Investigation. The pupils carried out a river study on the Curly Burn River. They measured different variables including the infiltration rate, river discharge and relief. They also collected soil samples. These results will then be used to present their data and to write up their findings as part of their coursework.  All pupils thoroughly enjoyed applying their knowledge from the classroom out into the field.