Pupils ‘ReadOn’ in support of children’s charity

Glengormley High School pupils raised an amazing £722.90 for the Northern Ireland Cancer Fund for Children by engaging in its ‘ReadOn 2018’ programme. The pupils challenged themselves to read as many books as possible within a seven day period and collected sponsorship from family and friends.

As well as raising money for a wonderful charity, the initiative encouraged the pupils to read more than they normally would on a daily basis. Everyone loved getting involved and the charity were thrilled with the total raised.

Here’s what some of the ReadOn participants had to say:

Abbi Dickson Year 8

“I really enjoyed taking part in ReadOn to as the aim was to raise as much money as possible for the charity. The challenge was really important as some of the money raised will go to Daisy Lodge, a place where families can spend time together. I think that ReadOn should take place in every school.”

Jack Millar Year 8

“ReadOn is important as we raised a lot of money for charity. It is good to know that the money is going to help children with cancer.”

Our young poets are getting published!

The following students have been selected to have their self-composed poems published for Young Writers ‘The Poetry Games’:
• Emma Milligan
• Louise Magee
• Tate McFadden
• Sarah Ali
• Rebecca Todd
• Laura O’Mullan
• Katie Sharpe
• Ella McCurry
• Jenna Watters
• Riley Lucas
• Rachel Adair
• Carys Arthur
• Jenna Wilde
• Emily McCafferty
• Katie-Lee Carson
• Cory Boyland
• Amy Blair
• Chloe Johnston

9X2 Victorian Author Project Winners!

Well done to our winners, Dylan Black, Maddison Stewart and Kaitlyn Hamilton who researched and created projects on Bram Stoker, Charles Dickens and Charlotte Bronte. Their projects were full of excellent information and presented beautifully!

Students attend Macbeth Workshop and Performance

Students viewed a live performance of ‘Macbeth’. Commedia of Errors Theatre Company, who have been performing at The Lyric Theatre, came and provided an excellent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. GCSE students got to work with one of the actors on developing analytical skills on iambic pentameter.

GCSE English Revision Booster Session

Resitting Unit 1 Tuesday 9th January? Have no fear, there will be a revision session held, Monday 8th January. Morning session, 9:30am and afternoon session 12:30pm. Please see Mrs Fox for further information or we will see you Monday 8th January 2018.


English is one of the core subjects and without doubt, one of the flagship subjects within Glengormley High School.

The English Department aims to:

  • encourage the development of all pupils in reading, writing, talking and literacy;
  • enable pupils to be able to work independently and as part of a team;
  • enable pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as perseverance, initiative and independence;
  • build confidence in pupils, encourage success and develop each pupil’s potential in order to prepare them for adult life.


Our pupils follow a dynamic and engaging programme of work which has been carefully designed to provide opportunities to develop essential literacy skills.  Our schemes of work provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students. All pupils work through a series of units which aim to build a solid basis for KS4 study.

All KS3 pupils also engage with Drama and during Year 10, pupils study the basics of GCSE Media Studies to enable them to widen their choices at KS4.


GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature

In Glengormley High all pupils are required to study GCSE English Language.  We teach the CCEA Specification which consists of four units taught over a two year period.

Pupils also are offered the opportunity to study English Literature at GCSE and have the chance to increase their wider reading, looking at the variety and choice of text, poetry, prose and drama.  Pupils will also study modern texts that relate more closely to their own experience.  Group work, class discussions and research will also enhance pupils’ understanding of the texts.  Pupils will also be given the opportunity to attend theatrical performances of any of the texts.

For GCSE English Literature, pupils must be able to express themselves clearly and demonstrate an ability to work independently.  A sound foundation in English Language at Key Stage 3 is essential.


GCSE Media Studies

Pupils also have the choice to study GCSE Media Studies following the WJEC specification.  Pupils have the opportunity to draw on their existing experience of the media and develop their ability to explore and create a wide range of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media:  texts, organisations and audiences.


Pupils study at least three topics – each topic will be explored through the three study areas of the GCSE Media Studies framework and reflect the convergent nature of contemporary media.

The topics are assessed through external examination and three controlled assessment tasks.


A Level English Literature

A Level English Literature is available for those pupils who wish to pursue their love of literature and who have performed well at GCSE level.  Pupils engage with a range of texts and genres, spanning from Chaucer to contemporary literature.

English Literature offers pupils the opportunity to not only develop academically, but provides a basis for a wide range of careers.

A Level Media Studies (WJEC)

Media Studies is a highly successful course, studied by pupils who are interested in developing their creative ICT skills and engaging with the Media.  Four units are studied across AS and A2, including a production piece, which enables students to demonstrate the skills of planning, production and evaluation.  IT and artistic interpretation support coursework.

Media Studies gives students access to many interesting areas which many develop and build on at university.  Past pupils have encountered success – recently the student who won the QUB Film Animation Prize, learned his skills in the Media class.


Promoting Literacy and Reading

In school we have revamped our library, complete with bean bags and relaxing chairs to create a great place for pupils to read and relax. Here you can see some pupils enjoying the reading space.


Mrs L Fox  (Head of Department)

Mrs L Officer (English Teacher)

Mrs N McWilliams (English Teacher and Literacy Coordinator)

Miss C Shearer (English and Media Studies Teacher; Examinations Officer)

Mr M Ewart (English and Media Studies Teacher; Year 11 Head of Year)


KS3 Tracking Results 2016