Sixth Year visit HMP Magilligan

On Friday a number of sixth formers got the opportunity to travel to HMP Magilligan and view the permanent exhibition within the prison to the Holocaust. The exhibition is housed in a number of Nissen huts and was exclusively made by inmates of the prison. They include audio visual displays and images of the persecution and genocides.

Year 11 visit Belfast Synagogue to hear from Holocaust survivor

On Thursday Year 11 students visited the synagogue in Belfast and got the opportunity to meet and hear the story of Joan Salter MBE. She is a child survivor of the Holocaust. She was born in 1940 to Polish Jewish parents and she was three months old when Belgium was invaded by the Nazis.
After the German invasion of Belgium in May 1940, Joan’s father was deported, along with all non-native men over the age of 15. Her mother took Joan and her sister to Paris, and eventually over the mountains into Spain in early 1943.

From there, Joan was transported to America and was fostered. We were also able to hear of the history of the Jewish population in Belfast and of the features of the synagogue.

This was a very emotional and humbling testimony that was appreciated by all the students and staff alike.

World Mental Health Day Poetry Competition Winner

Wednesday 10th October was World Mental Health Awareness Day. Our Year 8 students raised awareness by delivering their poems with confidence. We had a number of fantastic poems yet Zara Davies was our worthy winner. She won a £15 Amazon voucher.

I entered the poetry competition as I know looking after my Mental Health is important. I don’t want others to feel alone with their thoughts. It was an amazing experience reading my poem. If I could, I would do it all again!

My Mind poetry corner and lunchtime treats on World Mental Health Day

Today was World Mental Health Awareness Day and we had a super time with Year 8 at lunch. Many of the students took part in poetry readings in our ‘Poet’s Corner’. This was over seen by our literacy co-ordinator Mrs McWilliams. Staff and other pupils were so impressed with our talented group of pupils who wrote and delivered their poem with confidence and clarity. One group of students sang ‘Help’ by the Beatles again demonstrating the talent of our young people. Finally, thanks again to Tesco for providing ice cream and hot chocolate for the students. #aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

Breaktime treats for Staff and Year 14 on World Mental Health Day

Today was World Mental Health Awareness Day and we had a fun day in School. Pupils and staff had the opportunity to wear something purple to help raise awareness for mental health issues. Staff and Year 14 pupils enjoyed break together with enhanced refreshments donated by our local Tesco store. Thanks to the store’s Community Champion Tara Morrow for the kind delivery of cakes and buns. See if you can spot any famous faces in the Staff room.

Local Councillors visit A Level Public Services Class

Mrs McCartney and Mr Kennedy’s Year 13 Public Services class were joined by Councillor Michael Goodman of Sinn Fein and Councillor Phillip Brett of the DUP today. The councillors talked to the pupils about the challenges of local politics, the role and responsibilities of a councillor and how young people can get involved in the development of Glengormley town. The pupils evaluated the visit in a debrief and will put their knowledge to use in pursuit of their qualification.

Here’s what some of our pupils thought:

Joel McTernaghan, “What I found interesting about the visit was that two members from parties that supposedly hate each other so much that they can’t work together in Stormont, were talking about how often they work together within our community.”

Abigail Brett, “I did not know there is funding available for community projects in Glengormley and the council is looking for ideas.”

Alice Stewart, “I learnt more about the election process and it was nice to hear it from someone directly involved. It felt more legitimate and made me feel more connected to my representatives.”

Key Stage 3 Historians of the Month – September

Congratulations to our Historians of the Month for September. Well done for all your hard work and effort. #heroichistorians #learningwithoutlimits #aspiretosucceed

Year 8 Music Percussion Workshops

On Wednesday our Year 8 pupils took part in a percussion workshop with Adam Stewart. They explored beats, rhythms and drumming technique and had a great time.

There is even a video of the event head on over the school Facebook page to see it.

#aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

Year 10 LLW Hate Crimes Seminar

It was Year 10’s turn today to take part in the Hate Crimes Seminar provided by the Community Relations Forum.

#aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits