Year 8 compete in Belfast District Cross Country Championships

A group of Year 8 athletes competed in the Belfast District Cross Country Championships today at Ormeau Park.

Kyle Smith & Steven Crumlin finished 4th & 14th respectively & both have now qualified for the Ulster finals at the end of the month.

The boys just missed out on qualifying for the Ulster finals as team; where they finished 5th, but only the top three teams qualified.

Well done to our team:
Kyle Smith, Steven Crumlin, Jude Molyneaux, Jamie Wang, Jacob Moore, Jake Flanaghan, Reece Gilmore, Adam Nelis.

We were the 5th best placed school overall in team competition out of 13 schools which is really impressive.

Other finishing places:
Jacob Moore 37th
Adam Nelis 44th
Jude Molyneaux 48th
Reece Gilmore 74th
Jake Flanaghan 77th
Jamie Wang 78th

Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 is  being celebrated globally today on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.  Glengormley High has been connecting with SID2018 by using a Word Wall to describe their online safety awareness.







Citizenship Classes have been completing the SID2018 quiz and other classes are trying the 7 Day Social Media Detox.

Year 8 Geography Rivers Roleplay

Year 8 pupils were studying the topic of Rivers and looked at the causes and impacts of flooding in Cumbria in 2009.  They then used the information to create a BBC role-play on the flooding.  This allowed the pupils to work as a team, develop communication and presentation skills and have fun as part of the leaning process.

Year 12 and 13 Interview Success Workshops

On Monday the 5th of February Year 12 students engaged in an Interview Success Workshop to help them understand and develop the key skills they need to go forward into work.  The morning was fun,  interactive and taught students to:

  • Know the different types of interview that exist and their purpose
  • Be able to identify ways to research and prepare effectively beforehand
  • Practice simulated interviews using the STAR model to answer questions.

Students attend Macbeth Workshop and Performance

Students viewed a live performance of ‘Macbeth’. Commedia of Errors Theatre Company, who have been performing at The Lyric Theatre, came and provided an excellent adaptation of William Shakespeare’s ‘Macbeth’. GCSE students got to work with one of the actors on developing analytical skills on iambic pentameter.

Holocaust Memorial Day 2018

Holocaust Memorial Day is held on January 27th each year. Glengormley High has been holding a series of special assemblies to commemorate the Holocaust. These have been delivered by the school’s Holocaust Ambassadors Erin English and Natalie Montgomery. The assemblies have focused on the nature of the Holocaust and how discrimination can lead to such terrible events as we are witnessing in Darfur at present and recently in Bosnia.

The theme of Holocaust Memorial Day this year is the Power of Words. Citizenship classes have been involved in postcard writing exercises to survivors of the Holocaust from World War 2 and the war in Bosnia.

Hearing Support Unit

What is the Hearing Support Unit?

Gillian attends NRC for Occupational Studies Beauty and Nails

Deafness itself is not defined as a special educational need.  However, there are language and literacy needs arising from deafness which may require special educational provision.  Provision may take the form of speech and language therapy; support from a specialist teacher of the deaf; placement in a Learning Support Centre; or specialist equipment such as a radio aid system.


As the only Post Primary Auditory-Oral Learning Support Centre in Northern Ireland we offer a range of facilities to support the individual needs of pupils.

These include:

  • A qualified Teacher of the Deaf
  • Delivery of English in the Unit (and other subjects depending on the individual needs of the pupil)
  • Classroom Assistance in Mainstream classes
  • A Deaf-Friendly School ethos
  • Close links with parents
  • Tailored pupil timetables
  •  Integration into mainstream classes
  • Audiological checks on equipment
  • FM Radio systems

We have a dedicated team of caring, supportive and professional staff they are:

  • Mrs A Penny (Teacher in Charge)
  • Mrs L Henry (Classroom Assistant)
  • Miss S Murtagh (Classroom Assistant)
  • Mrs S Ritchie (Classroom Assistant)

What is Auditory-Oral?

Tom proudly collects his NDCS Award

‘Auditory-oral’ is a method of communication used by many deaf and hard of hearing people.  The auditory-oral approach maintains that, with the use of hearing aids, radio aids and cochlear implants to amplify residual hearing children can develop their listening skills and spoken language.


In our Hearing Support Unit, we do not use sign language or finger spelling but use natural gesture and facial expressing to underpin learning and understanding.

HSU Trip to Ballyclare May Fair


Past pupil Luke Davis at Ulster University Belfast, proudly showing his Photography Exhibition