Changes to Lunctimes in the Canteen

Following a study by members of the school council we are changing arrangements for lunch in the cantee.   The Canteens are now named 1 + 2. Canteen 1 is the old hot food canteen and Canteen 2 is the sandwich / salad bar canteen.

The difference is that Canteen 2 along with sandwiches / salads, will now have a selection of Panini’s, burgers etc as well.  This will allow more children to access this side and lessen the queue time in Canteen 1.

The menus for each canteen are shown below:

Canteen 1

Canteen 2

Key Stage 4 Council update

First of all here are the school council reps for Key Stage 4:


And now for an update….

The key stage 4 council reps have been considering ways to support the elderly community coming up to Xmas.  Tee-Jay suggested a bingo and buns event at the local nursing home.  Mrs Jackson has made contact and is waiting for the response.


The council would also like to organise a Xmas baking event for the elderly community and bring them in to use our Hospitality facilities.  Mrs Jackson has been in contact with local councillors and is finalising a date for this to take place.


At the next meeting the group will consider ways to support Age NI coming into the Xmas period.

Key Stage 3 Council news

First of all here are our Key Stage 3 Council Reps:

And now for an update….

The key stage 3 council reps started their work by auditing the number of students using the hot and cold food canteens.  We have discovered that the hot foot canteen is used 3 times more regularly than the sandwich / salad bar.  The council are in talks at the moment with the Canteen managers to discuss ways of spreading the number of pupils more evenly across both canteens to reduce the queue times.  Watch this space for more news on that.


The year 10 pupils requested being able to use the junior playground to play football and basketball at lunchtime.  This request was brought forward to the SLT and they have agreed this request.


The students also raised concerns over toilet locks and soap dispensers. Since then the building supervisor and his team have been working hard to repair locks and are looking into the costs of new soap dispensers.


The year 10 pupils also asked to have their allocated toilet facilities to be moved to the Templeton building.  Again SLT have agreed with this decision.

Year 8 Easter eggstravaganza

Year 8 had a very eggciting day yesterday. Egged on by their form tutors they had created egg-themed projects. We are not eggsagerating in saying they were eggstremely imaginative. The egg heads judging the entries said it was no yolk! Everyone is egghausted from all the effort.

Colour Run May 10th

On Monday the 10th we are having a Colour Run to raise funds for improving our school playground facilities. Pupils have been given sponsorship forms and we are asking that they raise at least £15. The forms need to be returned by Monday 29th of April. Not sure what happens at a colour run then look at:

Positive Behaviour Reward Trip

Today the top 10 pupils with positive behaviour points from each year group were taken to Glengormley Sportsbowl as a reward. Everyone had a great time and we love to celebrate our pupil’s progress on the Glengormley Way.
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