Year 8 Easter eggstravaganza

Year 8 had a very eggciting day yesterday. Egged on by their form tutors they had created egg-themed projects. We are not eggsagerating in saying they were eggstremely imaginative. The egg heads judging the entries said it was no yolk! Everyone is egghausted from all the effort.

Colour Run May 10th

On Monday the 10th we are having a Colour Run to raise funds for improving our school playground facilities. Pupils have been given sponsorship forms and we are asking that they raise at least £15. The forms need to be returned by Monday 29th of April. Not sure what happens at a colour run then look at:

Positive Behaviour Reward Trip

Today the top 10 pupils with positive behaviour points from each year group were taken to Glengormley Sportsbowl as a reward. Everyone had a great time and we love to celebrate our pupil’s progress on the Glengormley Way.
#aspiretosucceed #learningwithlimits #theglengormleyway

Accelerated Readers celebrating success

Today in English we celebrated some of our star readers. Hot chocolate, cakes and biscuits were enjoyed with the chance to just relax. Congratulations to everyone.

Thank you letter from Pensioner for Christmas Present

Before Christmas the school council organised Christmas presents to be sent to elderly people as part of AgeNI’s “No-one should have no-one” campaign.  One of the elderly people who received a Christmas present from our pupils this year has written a lovely thank you note.

Letter of thanks from Mr Derick Murray

In it he says:

Dear Children,

I trust that you all had a very happy Christmas and that you received many lovely presents.  I received some myself but do you know, the one that please me most of all was the one that I received from yourselves.  I was greatly touched and very grateful to think that you all gave money to buy a present for someone you didn’t even know.  That is the true spirit of Christmas.

Thank you once again and may the Lord bless you all.

Derrick Murray

We are so proud of all of you, thanks for all the effort.



Well done Summer – Two time Northern Ireland Kickboxing Champion

Congratulations Summer another challenge defeated.  Here is her after competition report:

On Saturday 20th January I went to a big fight, I was fighting for the Northern Ireland Championships.  I entered light contact and full contact and won both of my fights.  My opponent in the light contact bout was injured and didn’t want to fight anymore, this meant that I won 2 gold medals.  This means I am 2 times Northern Ireland Champion.

We wish her well as she progresses to the WKU World Championships.

School Council – December 2018 Update

Both the Junior and Senior Councils have been working very hard on a number charity and community initiatives.
Age NI – No one should have no one campaign
The students in both the junior and senior councils felt very passionately about this campaign. They got in touch with Age NI and invited one of their members of staff to attend our school and present the campaign to the whole school through year group assemblies. The whole school really got behind the campaign and donated money for the student council to buy gifts for the members of the elderly community who will have no one at Xmas.

The students visited Tesco Northcott and used the donations to purchase gifts. This was a great experience, though some of our members need a little guidance on what items would be suitable for an elderly person! Sinead from Age NI came to collect the gifts on the 17th December to transfer them to the Age NI offices for sorting. We look forward to doing more work with this very worthwhile charity in the future.
Save the Children
Both the Junior and Senior Councils wanted to support the Save the Children Xmas jumper day on the 14th December. They advertised the campaign across the school and it was well supported by staff and students.
Community Xmas Cake Off
Further to our work with the local senior citizens in November the Senior Council organised a Xmas cake off and carol event on the 18th December. This was attended by 22 guests who responded to the flyer drop. The guests had a wonderful afternoon baking and decorating a chocolate log, enjoying a festive lunch and singing carols with the school choir. We look forward to organising more community events in the future.

Thanks to everyone for their hard work!