Discovery Acheivers February 2018

Discovery had their latest presentation of awards assembly this morning – it was postponed due to the weather last week.  Congratulations to everyone who was awarded a certificate in recognition of their hard work in class.  Keep up the good work Discovery!

Discovery Achievement Assembly 2018

Friday the 2nd of February was the Discovery Achievement Award assembly where pupils were presented with awards for success both inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations for all the hard work to those that received an award, keep trying all those who didn’t get an award.

Christmas Experience 2017

What a wonderful way to finish our year with our Christmas Experience – as you can see from the images our pupils had a fantastically festive time!


Discovery Support Children in Need

As part of our Children and Need activities Discovery PLG cooked up a delicious breakfast for pupils. We allowed the pupils a treat in support of charity and they were able to tuck into some yummy pancakes cooked by Chef Shearer and her other form tutors – as you can see the pupils had a lovely start to the day – a little bit of chocolate in the morning once in a while isn’t too bad!