Apollo’s May Award Winners

Apollo recently held their May achievement award assembly where they celebrated success within the PLG. Congratulations to all those who received a certificate, keep up the good work.

Weekend of success for Miss Dowd’s form class

It has been a fantastic weekend for pupils in AMD. We would like to congratulate the following pupils

Katie from Year 9
Came 2nd and 4th in the fast and slow dance – Leigh Eppleston Dance

Sarah from Year 11
Won the Carrick Boxing Academy May Brawl

Sophie from Year 9
Came 1st in the Grove Galaxy Trampolining competition

Well done from Miss Dowds and AMD pupils

Apollo Achievers for Feb 2018

Here they are this month’s achievers from Apollo. These pupils are being recognised for their hard work and contribution to school life. Well done everyone! Remember #aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits.

Christmas Experience 2017

What a wonderful way to finish our year with our Christmas Experience – as you can see from the images our pupils had a fantastically festive time!


Secret Santa and Christmas party in AMD

  • amdsecretsanta01
  • amdsecretsanta02
  • amdsecretsanta03
  • amdsecretsanta04
  • amdsecretsanta05
  • amdsecretsanta06
  • amdsecretsanta07

Today Miss Dowd’s form class had a Christmas party with tea, toast and hot chocolate.  Presents from the Secret Santa were handed out and opened.