Glengormley High School is proud of its reputation for the support given to students. Our staff is committed to the development and well-being of every pupil in our care. The innovative implementation of a vertical tutor system in which every student has daily contact with a Form Tutor and students from every year group provides opportunities for students to develop connections with peers throughout the school family. The Form tutor will monitor academic progress and maintain a vital first point of contact for each student and their home, encouraging all to play a full part within school and the wider community. Each tutor group is designated to one of our 5 Pastoral Learning Groups through which we promote a positive behaviour policy rewarding achievement in line with our high expectations of effort, behaviour, attendance and participation.


The strength of a Pastoral team is reflected in their knowledge of individuals and their response to the whole range of needs of our students. With individual progress and success at the core they work with all agencies, both in and out of school, to ensure policies regarding student welfare, care and guidance are practised throughout all areas of the school.

The school also places great emphasis on the provision of advice and support for students to manage the wide spectrum of issues they face as they prepare for adult life.

In addition to support from the Form Tutor, Pastoral Learning Leader and classroom staff all students can access Sixth Form students who have received training to operate as Peer Mentors. They relate to students and encourage them to develop their awareness and understanding of their thoughts and feelings, equipping them to take responsibility for their own futures and to make positive choices. This supports students through concerns such as subject choices for future study and bullying and is overseen under the scope of the relevant school policies.

School Council

The School Council system at Glengormley High School is an important aspect of school life which ensures that pupils have a say in exactly what matters to them the most. The opportunity for interaction between pupils, teachers and other adults through the School Council has a positive impact on relationships, attainment and discipline. High levels of pupil involvement and care help pupils feel better integrated and motivated. The primary aim of the School Council is to improve the quality of school life. The School Council is run by the pupils, together with Mr Patterson. The council consists of ten representatives (two from each Pastoral Learning Groups). Elections for membership of the Full School Council take place early in the Autumn term of each academic year.

Do you want to be a Representative?

Reps are elected by their form class to represent those people who elected them. They act as a link between their class and the full school council. Reps have to be willing and able to put forward other people’s views even if they disagree with them.

What kind of person makes a good rep?

  • Approachable
  • Good listener – everyone in the class has to feel comfortable talking to you
  • Organised – it will be your responsibility to make sure meetings happen in your class on a regular basis
  • Assertive – the opinions of your class are just as important as everyone else’s
  • Efficient – class discussions must cover a lot of issues in a short space of time
  • Fair – everyone has the right to express a point of view
  • Good communicator – you need to be able to work with staff and students from across the school

So if I were a rep what would I actually have to do?

As a rep you have three main jobs:

  • Collecting the views of your class and passing them on to other committees
  • Letting your class know what goes on in the meetings you attend
  • Taking an active part in meetings.

Daina’s on top form again

Congratulations to Daina Cardwell who at the English Wrestling Championship in Derbyshire over the weekend came 2nd in the 64kg Class. #aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits


This month voyager celebrated attendance and hard work in preparation for exams. Congratulations to all who received certificates. #aspire to succeed.

Apollo’s May Award Winners

Apollo recently held their May achievement award assembly where they celebrated success within the PLG. Congratulations to all those who received a certificate, keep up the good work.

Discovery Hot Chocolate and chill

Congratulations to the ten Discovery pupils who were nominated by their teachers to be rewarded for their hard work and excellent attitude. They all enjoyed a period of chilling out with hot chocolate, marshmallows, cookies, games and a chat. Keep up the good work!

Weekend of success for Miss Dowd’s form class

It has been a fantastic weekend for pupils in AMD. We would like to congratulate the following pupils

Katie from Year 9
Came 2nd and 4th in the fast and slow dance – Leigh Eppleston Dance

Sarah from Year 11
Won the Carrick Boxing Academy May Brawl

Sophie from Year 9
Came 1st in the Grove Galaxy Trampolining competition

Well done from Miss Dowds and AMD pupils

Year 12 Leaver’s Assembly

On Friday the 11th of May we bid ‘farewell’ to our year 12s as they begin study leave. They enjoyed some sausage and bacon baps and were entertained by the wonderfully talented Glenn Irwin. Mr Massey reaffirmed the message of investing in ourselves for a better future. A few slideshows, messages from staff and pupils, laughs, tears and plenty of photographs rounded off a lovely morning with a wonderful year group.
Good luck in your exams. We are very proud of the exceptional young people you have become.

The Diana Award & Anti-bullying Ambassador Programme

What exactly is the Diana Award?

The Diana Award’s Anti-Bullying Campaign involves a number of different projects aimed at reducing bullying in schools. One of their main projects is the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors programme which has trained over 24,000 young people across the UK to lead on anti-bullying campaigns in their schools.  Set up in 2011, the Anti-Bullying Ambassador programme is part of the charity the Diana Award. In 2013 the programme received funding from the Department for Education. The programme offers resources and training to schools and youth organisations in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Northern Ireland. After receiving the training students become Anti-Bullying Ambassadors in schools. In their role they help educate their peers on bullying, lead on anti-bullying campaigns, promote a culture which celebrates and tolerates difference and help keep their peers safe both online and offline.

Glengormley High School became an anti-bullying ambassador school in 2017. We had our initial training in Ashfield Girls school. Mrs Kerr and Mrs Hodge were initially trained ambassadors for our school.

On Wednesday 9th May 2018 we were then privileged and delighted to have been asked to host an anti-bullying ambassador training event in Glengormley High School on Wednesday 9th May 2018.

The following schools joined us in this event

  • Antrim primary school
  • Saint Bernard’s Primary School
  • Saint Therese of Lisieux Primary School
  • Hazel wood secondary school
  • Mercy secondary school

Mrs Jackson and Miss Dowds along with

  • Emma-Louise Rudd
  • Jay Crosbie
  • Rachel Laffin
  • Holly Clyde
  • Lois McGrath
  • Chloe McGurk
  • Lucy Wilson
  • Macy Thompson
  • Sophie Millar
  • Molly McCrum
  • Katie-Hagan Mussen
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Connor Lee Hughes
  • Callum Hawthorne
  • Megan McTaggart
  • Anna Stewart
  • Hannah McWilliams
  • Sarah Ferguson

Took part in the event.

We now have four trained staff and over 20 fully trained pupils who work as Anti-bullying ambassador’s for our school.

#Glengormley High says NO to bullying

Celebrating our successful Sixth Years

It’s an absolute delight for us to recognise the hard work and dedication exhibited by our students from Year 8 to Year 14 in all areas of school life. Today we had the opportunity to recognise excellence in our Sixth Form who received awards for a wide range of reasons.

Pupils received awards for academic success and effort, for contributing to school life, for being a good role model to others, for charity contribution and even for being a supportive friend. Well done everyone – very proud of you all!