Science Shack

Science Shack is an opportunity to have fun with practical science doing many activities including


Thursday 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Years 8 – 10

Room 39G

Here are some of the things we have done in the past.

Alka-Seltzer Rockets


Bottle Rockets


Lava Lamps 


Diet Coke and Mentos


Making Hovercraft in Science Shack

In last week’s Science Shack our young scientists got to make miniature hovercrafts using C.D.’s, balloons and bottle caps. This week come along as we make lava lamps.

Making bottle and straw rockets in Science Shack

This week in Science Shack our budding scientists had great fun making straw rockets and then launching bottle rockets outside.

Science Shack – get slimey

Science Shack is up and running again for the new school year. This club for Years 8-10 spent the first session making lots of lovely, fluffy slime. Come along next week to make straw rockets.

Slimy Fun at the Science Shack

On Monday the 11th of September Science Shack opened it's doors to budding scientists for this first time this year.  The pupils from Year 8 to Year 10 created slime, made it nice and colourful, made loads of mess, and generally had a great time. 


Fuzzy Slime Fun at the Science Shack

This week in the Science Shack Mr Gault and his team of apprentice scientists continued to explore slime – this time the slime was not just slimy but it was fuzzy!