Extra-Curricular Activities

At Glengormley High School we are committed to providing a range of extra-curricular activities which benefit our pupils, academically and personally, in a number of ways. Engaging in extra-curricular activities is proven to help boost the academic performance of pupils as well as helping develop pupil’s self-esteem, confidence and help build relationships in a fun and engaging learning environment.




Year 8-10 Girls Hockey

Year 10 Boys Football

Science Shack (15:00 – 15:45)

Bookworm Buddies Reading Club



Adrenaline (Late Lunch)

Year 8-10 Girls Cheerleading





Technology Club

Eco Club


Year 8 Rugby

Year 9 Rugby

Year 8-14 Girls Football




Cookery Club

Physical Training (after School)

Year 9 Boys Football

Taekwondo (evening)

Homework Club

Year 8 Boys Football

Year 8 Girls Football


Other Extra- Curricular Activities

ICT suites open daily after school

Games club open daily

Careers Advice

Duke of Edinburgh

Business Training

African school links programme

DVD Club

Grow Your Own Show – Extended Schools Event

Staff February Fitness

Some of the teaching staff are taking on the challenge of completing 5K a day for 25 consecutive days in February. They are completing this challenge as part of COOL FM’s charity event for Cash for Kids.

There is a webpage set up that everyone can donate to so follow the link and sponsor us. https://www.cashforkidsgive.co.uk/campaign/5k-a-day-2018/fundraisers/glengormley%20high%20school/

Every little helps and it would be much appreciated. Keep an eye out for updates on how they are getting on.  The staff taking part are;

  • Mr Clarke
  • Mrs Handley
  • Mrs Annett
  • Mr Kennedy
  • Miss McGregor
  • Mrs Officer
  • Mrs Jackson
  • Mrs Woodside
  • Mrs Kerr
  • Mr Officer
  • Mr Gault

Sixth Form Pupils attend PSNI Roadsafe Roadshow

Our Sixth form students attended the PSNI Roadsafe Roadshow which was a hard hitting look into the dangers of driving recklessly or driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Our students were taken through the reality of an actual road traffic accident from 2017 which proved fatal for one passenger and life changing for the driver who has to live with the consequences of driving recklessly. This was extremely useful given the statistics which show that young drivers are responsible for most deaths on the road.

The session involved the first responder PSNI traffic officer, the paramedic who arrived on the scene and a member of the Fire Service who was required to provide support at the horrific accident.

The Roadshow dealt with the reality of a road traffic collision: real trauma; real pain; and the real consequences of making the wrong decision behind the wheel of a car.

The Roadshow showed the impact on health, career now or in the future, insurance, family, friends and the community.

We urge all our students and school community to make the right choices as drivers and as passengers. Stay Safe!

School Ski Trip to Bulgaria 2018

Well, this trip was an exhilarating experience with some cherished memories.  The hotel was beautiful with fantastic facilities (including a swimming pool).  The resort was also lovely and the scenery was breathtaking.

Every day the pupils got an early morning wake up call, which they all appreciated!  Breakfast was at 8:00am every morning and everyone were on the buses by 9:15: – 9:30am.  We were at the ski school ready for action by 10:00am, and we were off with our ski instructor to do some serious ski-ing.  There were some show offs in the groups but believe you me they did fall at some stage – especially Mr Gault!

We had a break for coffee or delicious hot chocolate at about 12pm, and we also had this time to get to know our ski instructors a bit better!  Then we had more time to ski until lunch. After lunch we had another lesson from 1:00-3:00pm and after that we went back to the hotel.  Apres-ski was time for swimming, chilling out etc.  We also had a couple of afternoons to do some souvenir shopping or buying presents to take home.

Every night was time for socialising – each evening had something organised, for example quiz, ringos, bowling, karaoke – we definitely have some pupils and teachers who would be successful on The X-Factor.

As a whole the ski trip was fantastic, but there are some tired faces this week.  Everyone was well behaved and seemed to have a good time.

Mrs Handley

Choir Christmas Activities

Our School Choir have had a busy week.  On Monday morning we were carol singing for shoppers at Tesco, Northcott and on Wednesday we hosted a festive coffee morning event for parents and friends.  This was a lovely relaxing morning to enjoy mince pies and shortbread and join our choir in a selection of Christmas carols and songs.  The choir would like to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.


Christmas Lunch in the Canteen

On the 15th of December the school canteen held their annual Christmas Dinner.  Staff and pupils had pre-booked their food and everyone had a great time.

  • christmasdinner1701
  • christmasdinner1702
  • christmasdinner1703
  • christmasdinner1704
  • christmasdinner1705
  • christmasdinner1706
  • christmasdinner1707
  • christmasdinner1708
  • christmasdinner1709
  • christmasdinner1710
  • christmasdinner1711
  • christmasdinner1712
  • christmasdinner1713
  • christmasdinner1714
  • christmasdinner1715
  • christmasdinner1716
  • christmasdinner1717
  • christmasdinner1718
  • christmasdinner1719
  • christmasdinner1720
  • christmasdinner1721
  • christmasdinner1722
  • christmasdinner1723
  • christmasdinner1724
  • christmasdinner1725
  • christmasdinner1726

Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children

Friday the 15th of December our Sixth Form pupils and staff took part in a Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children.  So far £140.50 has been raised with more to be counted.  Check out the school Facebook page on Monday for the winner jumpers from staff and pupils.

  • christmasjumpers1701
  • christmasjumpers1702
  • christmasjumpers1703
  • christmasjumpers1705
  • christmasjumpers1706
  • christmasjumpers1709
  • christmasjumpers1711
  • christmasjumpers1713
  • IMG_4223

U18 Football Success in Northern Plate

The U18 Football team beat Castlederg High School in the Northern Plate today by 3 – 0.

Goal scorers were Calum Smith, Luke Wiley & an own goal by CHS; Karl Beggs was man of the match, producing 4-5 fantastic saves throughout the second half when the score was only 1 – 0.

 The pupils were a credit to the school & all 15 played an important part; but more importantly all the pupils enjoyed the match & the experience.