Extra-Curricular Activities

At Glengormley High School we are committed to providing a range of extra-curricular activities which benefit our pupils, academically and personally, in a number of ways. Engaging in extra-curricular activities is proven to help boost the academic performance of pupils as well as helping develop pupil’s self-esteem, confidence and help build relationships in a fun and engaging learning environment.




Year 8-10 Girls Hockey

Year 10 Boys Football

Science Shack (15:00 – 15:45)

Bookworm Buddies Reading Club



Adrenaline (Late Lunch)

Year 8-10 Girls Cheerleading





Technology Club

Eco Club


Year 8 Rugby

Year 9 Rugby

Year 8-14 Girls Football




Cookery Club

Physical Training (after School)

Year 9 Boys Football

Taekwondo (evening)

Homework Club

Year 8 Boys Football

Year 8 Girls Football


Other Extra- Curricular Activities

ICT suites open daily after school

Games club open daily

Careers Advice

Duke of Edinburgh

Business Training

African school links programme

DVD Club

Grow Your Own Show – Extended Schools Event

U18 Football Success in Northern Plate

The U18 Football team beat Castlederg High School in the Northern Plate today by 3 – 0.

Goal scorers were Calum Smith, Luke Wiley & an own goal by CHS; Karl Beggs was man of the match, producing 4-5 fantastic saves throughout the second half when the score was only 1 – 0.

 The pupils were a credit to the school & all 15 played an important part; but more importantly all the pupils enjoyed the match & the experience.


Presentation of Awards 2017

On Thursday the 26th of October the school held it’s annual Presentation of Awards Ceremony.  This year’s guest speaker was Councillor Philip Brett one of our local councillors.  In his role as Acting Principal Mr Hodge delivered a speech summarising our pupils success in examinations and extra-curricular activities over the past year.

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It was great to see so many of pupils both present and past have their achievements recognised, and that so many parents and family manners cam along to support them.

GHS Supporting Blythswood Shoebox appeal

Pupils of Glengormley High School have completed 58 shoe boxes for the Blythswood Christmas Shoe box Appeal. This is an excellent contribution from our pupils and beats last year’s amount of 55 boxes. These presents will be taken to Romania and Pakistan and distributed within the local community in time for Christmas. Thank you to both pupils and teachers for all of their hard work.

Congratulations to all involved and to Mrs Sames for all her hard work organising this project.

Swimming star of the future? Let’s cheer her on.

Lois McGrath in Year 8 is an up and coming swimming star, next week she is taking part in the Ulster Secondary Swimming Championships at the Aurora Leisure Centre in Bangor.  She is pictured here with Mr Office our Head of PE and a former Ulster Swimmer.  #ghssportstars

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Daina’s back on winning form in Judo

Daina Cardwell has recently competed in the Swords Judo Championships and won silver, over three bouts, at the weekend. Daina has re-embarked on her Judo pursuits after having focussed on wrestling in recent years.  #ghssportstars

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At Glengormley High we love sports! We operate a wide range of extra-curricular sports teams and our pupils compete at local, regional and national level.

You can keep up to date with our sports teams and individual sporting superstars in the posts below.

Congratulations to our Champion Kickboxers

Three Glengormley HS students have recently returned from World Kick Boxing Championships held in Killarney with 2 Gold medals, a Silver and a Bronze!   Year 11 student Ella Cassells was crowned World Champion in the 55kg Full Contact competition,  Leia Cassells  won Gold in the 60kg+ Light Contact competition and Silver in the 60kg Full contact event.  Katie Scott won Bronze in the 55kg category.


Slimy Fun at the Science Shack

On Monday the 11th of September Science Shack opened it's doors to budding scientists for this first time this year.  The pupils from Year 8 to Year 10 created slime, made it nice and colourful, made loads of mess, and generally had a great time.