Safer Internet Day 2018

Safer Internet Day 2018 is  being celebrated globally today on Tuesday 6th February 2018 with the slogan “Create, Connect and Share Respect: A better internet starts with you”.  Glengormley High has been connecting with SID2018 by using a Word Wall to describe their online safety awareness.







Citizenship Classes have been completing the SID2018 quiz and other classes are trying the 7 Day Social Media Detox.

Year 8 Geography Rivers Roleplay

Year 8 pupils were studying the topic of Rivers and looked at the causes and impacts of flooding in Cumbria in 2009.  They then used the information to create a BBC role-play on the flooding.  This allowed the pupils to work as a team, develop communication and presentation skills and have fun as part of the leaning process.

Year 12 and 13 Interview Success Workshops

On Monday the 5th of February Year 12 students engaged in an Interview Success Workshop to help them understand and develop the key skills they need to go forward into work.  The morning was fun,  interactive and taught students to:

  • Know the different types of interview that exist and their purpose
  • Be able to identify ways to research and prepare effectively beforehand
  • Practice simulated interviews using the STAR model to answer questions.

Staff February Fitness

Some of the teaching staff are taking on the challenge of completing 5K a day for 25 consecutive days in February. They are completing this challenge as part of COOL FM’s charity event for Cash for Kids.

There is a webpage set up that everyone can donate to so follow the link and sponsor us.

Every little helps and it would be much appreciated. Keep an eye out for updates on how they are getting on.  The staff taking part are;

  • Mr Clarke
  • Mrs Handley
  • Mrs Annett
  • Mr Kennedy
  • Miss McGregor
  • Mrs Officer
  • Mrs Jackson
  • Mrs Woodside
  • Mrs Kerr
  • Mr Officer
  • Mr Gault

Challenger Achievement Assembly 2018

On Thursday 1st of February Challenger held their termly achievement assembly. Pupils were awarded certificates and awards for their achievements in school – both inside and outside the classroom. Again well done to those that were given a reward and there is still time for others to earn an award.

Discovery Achievement Assembly 2018

Friday the 2nd of February was the Discovery Achievement Award assembly where pupils were presented with awards for success both inside and outside the classroom. Congratulations for all the hard work to those that received an award, keep trying all those who didn’t get an award.

Endurance Achievement Assembly January 2018

On Wednesday the 31st of January Endurance held their termly achievement assembly. During the assembly the Pastoral Learning Leaders along with Mr Clarke celebrated pupil’s achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

Congratulations to those pupils who received an award, those that didn’t get an award there will be more chances this term.