Girls Self Confidence and Personal Impact Workshop for Year 9

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On Wednesday the 6th of December girls from Year took part in a workshop run by Barclay LifeSkills.  The workshop looked at how they could improve their self confidence and how this would change their future.  #aspiretosucceed  #learningwithoutlimits

Simon James – singer, songwriter, e-safety advocate

Simon James a talented singer and songwriter visited school today to perform for and talk to Year 8 and Year 9 pupils.

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He gave the pupils advice on how to stay safe online as well as discussing cyber bullying and where to go for help. Simon also told some personal stories about times when he was affected by cyber bullying, how he felt at the time, how he reacted, and what happened in the end.

#aspiretosuceed #learningwithoutlimits

Open Evening 2018

To all parents and pupils of P6 & P7 pupils please accept our invitation to attend our annual Open Evening.  This will take place on Thursday 25th January 2018 from 7.00 pm to 9.00pm.  The Principal’s Address will take place at 7.00 pm and then parents and pupils are invited to tour the school.  Make sure to explore our state of the art facilities and talk to our staff and current pupils about life in Glengormley High School.

Year 8 Discover Robotics

On Friday the 1st of December our Year 8 had the opportunity to take part in the IT Discover Robotics workshop delivered by Sentinus. The Year 8 pupils had great fun programming their robotic cars. Many thanks to Pat Jamison from Sentinus for such an enyoyable day.


At school we are just about to launch our own Lego Mindstorms Robotics Club – The GHS Roboteers – so if you are in Year 8 come along on Wednesday after school to 1F for more information.

RAF Fun in Flight Roadshow

On Monday 27th November 2017 all year 10 pupils took part in a visit from the RAF STEM Roadshow. The roadshow was devised in response to the Governments acknowledgement that there is a shortfall of ‘home grown’ scientists and engineers.

‘Fun with Flight’ was a 50 minute jet fuelled presentation exploring the physics of flying. Students discovered how the physics they use in the class room is an integral part of the work that engineers undertake in the RAF and other engineering organisations.

Drones, balloons, airships and even jet engines were all used in draw dropping experiments.

BTEC Level 3 National Extended Certificate in Business

(Equivalent in size to one A Level)

This qualification comprises of 4 units of which 3 are mandatory and two are externally assessed through examination.

The Extended Certificate is for learners who are interested in learning about the business sector alongside other fields of study, with a view to progressing to a wide range of higher education courses, not necessarily in business-related subjects.  It is designed to be taken as part of a programme of study that includes other appropriate BTEC Nationals or A Levels.



Unit 1:

Exploring Business


Mandatory (Portfolio)

Completed in Year 13

In this unit, you will gain an overview of the key ingredients for business success, how businesses are organised, how they communicate, the characteristics of the environment in which they operate, and how this shapes them and their activities.

You will also look at the importance of innovation and enterprise to the success and survival of businesses, with the associated risks and benefits.

Unit 2:

Developing a Marketing Campaign


Mandatory (External)

Completed in Year 14

Marketing is a dynamic field central to the success of any business. You will gain an understanding of how a marketing campaign is developed.

You will explore different stages of the process that a business goes through when developing its campaign and develop your own campaign for a given product/service.  You will examine the marketing aims and   objectives for existing products/services and understand the importance of relevant, valid and appropriate research in relation to customers’ needs and wants.

You will use given market research data and other information to make recommendations about the type of marketing campaign that a business should undertake.

In this unit, you will draw on your learning from across your programme to complete the assessment task.

Unit 3:

Personal and Business Finance


Mandatory (External)

Completed in Year 13

This unit includes aspects of both personal and business finance. Personal finance involves the understanding of   why money is important and how managing your money can help prevent future financial difficulties.

It is vital you understand the financial decisions you will need to take throughout your life and how risk can affect   you and your choices. This unit will also give you an insight into where you can get financial advice and support.

The business finance aspects of the unit introduce you to accounting terminology, the purpose and importance of business accounts and the different sources of finance available to businesses. Planning tools, such as cash flow forecasts and break-even, will be prepared and analysed.

Measuring the financial performance of a business will require you to prepare and analyse statements of comprehensive income and statements of financial position.

This unit will provide a foundation for a   number of other finance and business units and will help you to analyse profitability, liquidity and business efficiency. It will give you the knowledge and understanding to manage your personal finances and will give   you a background to business finance and accounting as you progress to employment or further training.

Unit 8:

Recruitment and Selection Process


Optional (Portfolio)

Completed in Year 14


Recruiting the right people is essential   to the success of a business. It is important that the processes and   procedures involved in recruitment and selection meet the needs of the   business and comply with current regulations. You will learn that successful recruitment is key to maintaining the success of a business, as people are often considered to be the most valued resource.

You will explore the various selection tools and the enhanced use of technology in this area. Businesses with an effective recruitment process in place are more likely to make successful appointments.  In a competitive labour market this is a major advantage and will support business success.

This unit gives you the opportunity, through role play, to take part in selection interviews.  They will need to be organised and prepared   so that they demonstrate your communication skills in this work-related competence.

This unit will give you a foundation for   progression to employment, for example in a human resources role, or to  higher education.



Externally Assessed units

Learners must achieve all external units at pass grade or above.  Learners are permitted to re-sit any external assessment only once during the 2year course.

The styles of external assessment used for qualifications in the Business suite are:

  • Examinations – all learners take the same assessment at the same time, normally with a written outcome.
  • Set tasks – learners take the assessment during a defined window and demonstrate understanding through completion of a vocational task.

Internally Assessed Units      

Subject content will be taught using a range of teaching styles from group work, whole class teaching, guest speakers and visits.

Students will be issued with an assignment brief.  This will outline the tasks to be completed and relevant submission dates.

Students will work to complete the given tasks within the time-frame.  Students submit the work for tutor guidance.  The tutor at that time will inform the student of the criteria they have achieved and the criteria they have not achieved.  Work will be marked and students will be given this feedback.


Work is graded as follows:

BTEC Grading A Level Equivalent
Pass E
Merit C
Distinction A


Occupational Studies – Using Office Technology

Unit 14 – Using Office Equipment


This unit is suitable for those who wish to gain a basic knowledge and understanding of administration practice together with the skills necessary to pursue careers as secretaries, administrators, receptionists, call centre personnel.


The unit is divided into three sections:

  1. Identify and show the purpose of major items of office equipment
  2. Use photocopier safely and effectively
  3. Use a computer to produce documents


Throughout the course you will:

  • learn how to operate and take care of office equipment
  • learn how to prepare and photocopy basic documents
  • develop proof reading skills and take pride in your work at all times
  • be made aware of the Health and Safety issues involved in using equipment and the need to use resources efficiently
  • develop and enhance IT skills within the office setting


Assessment:             This will be through coursework and keeping a record book.  There is NO external examination.

GCSE Business and Communications Systems

Studying Business and Communication Systems will engage you in the study of business and digital technology and develop your practical skills in using software applications. You will have the opportunity to explore the changing role of digital technology in business and economic activities.

This specification will help you to develop a lifelong interest in and enjoyment of business subjects, while being inspired, moved and changed by following an exciting, enjoyable and worthwhile course.



By studying this course you will:

  • study business activity and how ICT has changed the business environment;
  • develop as an effective and independent thinker with an enquiring mind;
  • have the opportunity to develop valuable practical ICT skills in a business context; and
  • use software applications to develop digital solutions to enhance business activities.




Unit Areas of Study
Unit 1:

Software Applications for Business

You  will study file management and the use of common applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, databases, web authoring, web browsing, email and presentation software.

This unit is assessed in Year 11 by a 2 hour computer-based examination that is worth 40% of the overall GCSE qualification

Unit 2:

The Business Environment


You will study recruitment, selection, training and marketing as well as the implications of digital technology for business.  In the context of the changing nature of business, you will consider different roles, including stakeholders and customers, and how best to communicate.

This unit is assessed in Year 12 by a 1 hour external written examination that is worth 35% of the overall GCSE qualification.


Unit 3:

Developing Digital Solutions

You will learn how to plan and develop a digital solution for a business through the use of software applications, planning and research.

This unit is assessed by a Controlled Assessment task that is worth 25% of the overall GCSE qualification

Year 14 Geography Field Trip to Magilligan October 2017

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The Year 14 Geography students visited Magilligan Field Centre on Thursday 26th October as part of their Independent Field Investigation. The pupils carried out a river study on the Curly Burn River. They measured different variables including the infiltration rate, river discharge and relief. They also collected soil samples. These results will then be used to present their data and to write up their findings as part of their coursework.  All pupils thoroughly enjoyed applying their knowledge from the classroom out into the field.


Presentation of Awards 2017

On Thursday the 26th of October the school held it’s annual Presentation of Awards Ceremony.  This year’s guest speaker was Councillor Philip Brett one of our local councillors.  In his role as Acting Principal Mr Hodge delivered a speech summarising our pupils success in examinations and extra-curricular activities over the past year.

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It was great to see so many of pupils both present and past have their achievements recognised, and that so many parents and family manners cam along to support them.