Attendance and Punctuality

At Glengormley High School, we expect pupils to have a high standard of attendance and punctuality throughout the school year. Attendance and punctuality are extremely important in order to prepare pupils for employment. Employers are often influenced by exam grades and attendance and punctuality records when making decisions about their prospective employees. Parents should be aware that:

  • Pupils need to bring a note to explain their absence on the day they return to school.
  • Phone calls are appreciated to explain an absence however; written evidence also needs to be provided.

In addition:

  • Attendance that falls below 85% is considered poor attendance.

Pupils whose attendance is persistently poor will be referred to the Education Welfare Officer (EWO). Pupils should be aware that:

  • If they are persistently late without good reason, they will be subject to the appropriate sanction.

Did you know?

The more days you miss at school means that you decrease your chances of achieving an A* – C or A* – G grade at GCSE. Research suggests that if you miss 17 days at school, you may achieve a full grade lower than you are capable of at GCSE.