Changes at Glengormley High

New Leadership Team (SLT)
Glengormley High School has a new SLT at the helm, boasting 7 enthusiastic and skilled leaders to drive the school forward. Each member of SLT has direct oversight of subjects, year groups and core responsibilities.
Timings of the School day
We now operate a two-week timetable which will facilitate us providing even more subject choices to our pupils. With a slightly later closure on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, we can offer our pupils even more teaching contact time than ever before. However, with a 2.35pm closure on a Monday and Friday, we can ensure that staff undergo regular development training to ensure that we can offer our pupils the best teaching and learning experience available.
Pivotal Behaviour School
We have been awarded status as a Pivotal Behaviour School – this means that we lead our school with a consistent approach to managing behaviour and overcoming issues.
Curriculum Changes
Glengormley High School offers more GCSE and GCE qualifications that required by the Entitlement Framework. We have designed a new curriculum based on Pathways which will ensure that all of our children will have access to receiving accreditation for at least 11 GCSE qualifications. Our Pathways are designed to ensure that pupils can access a wide range of courses and experience success.
Our GCE (Post-16) provision boasts access to an amazing 23 subjects which will provide opportunities for our pupils to compete for university places when leaving Year 14.
Teaching and Learning
Glengormley High School takes Teaching and Learning very seriously. The school has rigorous procedures in place to quality assure teaching and learning across the school. All staff routinely and regularly self-assess to ensure that they are consistently giving the best quality of learning to our pupils.