Pivotal Behaviour

Glengormley High School is a Pivotal Behaviour School. What does this mean?
We have had an external behaviour advisor undertake a ‘behaviour healthcheck’ of our school. This involved a headteacher from a school in London spending a full day visiting classes, chatting with pupils and staff – and having full access to everyone and every part of the school – with a core focus on establishing the strengths and areas for development with regard to behaviour management.
This was such a rewarding opportunity and the healthcheck informed us of what we already knew – Glengormley High School is a school with highly engaging staff, teaching pupils who are proud of their school and know who to turn to if things are difficult.
Two SLT members, (Mr Massey and Mr Clarke) have undergone significant training in Scotland as Pivotal Behaviour Instructors.
All staff across the whole school have undergone training in behaviour management to drive forward our consistency of expectations and how behaviour is managed.
As part of this process, Glengormley High School endorses restorative practices to help restore relationships that become stressed when things go wrong.
A key philosophy of Pivotal Behaviour is ‘Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast’. In other words, unless we get the school culture right, it doesn’t matter what strategies we use to support our young people. So, we have been successfully working on developing our culture and helping our pupils to play their part in driving Glengormley High School forward.