Principal’s Welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to our school website and I hope that as you scan each page, you will become more and more acquainted with the amazing changes that are happening here.
Having been appointed as Principal to Glengormley High School in April 2018, I feel so blessed through the opportunity to work with the most amazing team of staff. 
Many of our staff are past pupils and many of our staff have brought their own children through our doors to be educated.
Our culture is based on ‘The Glengormley Way’, so let me introduce you to our way:

  • Firstly, we wish for our children to arrive to school happy and to finish each day happy. We believe that a child who feels safe and secure in school will be happy to attend each day – not simply to come to school, but to give to school by serving this amazing community.
  • Secondly, the Glengormley Way sets out our 3 simple expectations – for ALL pupils and staff to Be Ready, Be Respectful and Be Safe. We teach our pupils what these expectations look like in practice, i.e. what does it look like for me to Be Ready in school?
  • Thirdly, we expect ALL parents and carers to partner with us in the education of each child. We are on the same side – we want your child to leave with amazing results and a smile on their face.
  • Finally, we want to instil the quality of a strong work ethic for each child. Life in the big world doesn’t come easy to many, so we hope to prepare them by gently stretching them academically and nurturing them to help them cope and develop the resilience to overcome difficulties.

We provide 7 years of settled education in a caring environment – offering an extensive number of GCSE and GCE courses.  Our curriculum is delivered in Pathways at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 because we understand that every child is different and ‘one size does not fit all’.
If you would like to come and visit our amazing school, please call the school office and we will be delighted to offer you a guided tour.


R Massey

BEd (Hons) PQHni  MSc FCMI CMgr