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English Language and Literature

#Aspiretosuceed #learningwithoutlimits

Welcome to our page! English is one of the core subjects and without doubt, one of the flagship subjects within Glengormley High School. As a team we aim to:

  • encourage the development of all pupils in reading, writing, speaking and listening;
  • enable pupils to be able to work independently and as part of a team;
  • empower pupils to develop a range of desirable personal qualities such as perseverance, initiative and independence;
  • our favourite aim: to build confidence in pupils, encourage success and develop each pupil’s potential in order to prepare them for adult life.

All of the teachers within the department have a passion that inspires our young students to want to achieve the best possible outcome for themselves. We will work with every student to overcome a difficulty and to provide the support to enhance the strengths of our young people. Together we revise, adapt and rejuvenate our planning and unit topics to keep the engagement flowing; to differentiate a level of challenge to ensure progress is made at all levels and to build a confidence in each individual so they ‘aspire to succeed’ and have the best opportunities available to them when beginning the next chapter in their lives.

At KS3 our pupils follow a dynamic and engaging programme of work which has been carefully designed to provide opportunities to develop essential literacy skills.  Our schemes of work provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students. Literature is also incorporated into our units to allow for students’ analytical and imaginative skills to grow with originality and flair. All KS3 students have one lesson a week in the library! How great is that?



At KS4 we follow the GCSE course with great success and in the last three years have had the best results in the school’s history. Our A Level course is a much anticipated course for KS5 students and again has had great success over the years.

We are proud to be involved in so many programmes to assist in creating a love and passion for our subject.

BBC Young Reporter

This allows the opportunity to develop our speaking and listening skills as well as our investigative skills, which are key skills for GCSE and A Level.


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Young Writers

Regular writing contests to promote our students’ originality has led to over 200 published pieces of poetry and story writing.

Soroptimist Speaking Contest

Developing our speaking and listening skills through social debatable topics prepares us for being part of a different future that will one day be made by our students’ contributions

But don’t worry if being in front of the camera and having your name in lights isn’t for you because we have lots of ‘in-house’ competitions and celebrations: World Book Day; Books and Breakfast Day; Read-on week for Cancer Fund for Children; Library Club; After-school English sessions for work, creative writing, BBC and lots more.

Some Careers linked with English/English Literature:

  • Journalism
  • Teaching – primary and secondary
  • Public relations
  • Social media manager
  • Mentoring
  • Writer
  • Education Consultant
  • Law


Our Team:


Media Studies

#Aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

When we live in a world of media and find it hard to escape from, it is fascinating to learn about what makes the media industry as successful as it is and how it holds so much power over people’s modern lifestyles.

Our team of media experts spark enthusiasm and interest from our students who at GCSE and post-16 (BTEC) study the theory and put models into practice using some of the latest technology to enhance, develop and capture web designs, magazines, DVD covers and more to a professional standard.

Our students love getting creative with props, designing and the production elements of the course. Pupils have the opportunity to draw on their existing experience of the media and develop their ability to explore and create a wide range of media, including digital media technologies, drawing on the fundamental concepts informing the study of the media:  texts, organisations and audiences.

Our department is fortunate to have connections with BBCNI Young Reporters were our students get opportunities to visit studios, meet presenters and work with some of the best equipment in the industry. A fascinating world just waiting to be investigated and developed by our students.


Possible Careers:

  • Arts administrator
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Cinematographer
  • Journalist
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Travel and tourism industry
  • Television industry (over 600 different job opportunities)


The Media Studies Team



Successful Writers to have Poetry published

What a few weeks for our creative, original and inspiring writers. We have 73 students who have been selected to have their poetry published and will now be eligible to be judged by a panel for a chance to win even bigger prizes. Well done!

Over 100 students’ short stories have been selected for publication out of a huge 24,000 entries from across the country. What an achievement! Parents, please return permission letters for print when they are given out early next week.

Public Speaking Contest

Last night Freya and Tanisha from Year 13 participated in the speaking contest for the Soroptimist International Organisation. Both girls did amazingly well and were awarded with a gift and a certificate from the regional president of NI. Freya just missed out winning, however, the president of Soroptomist NI who was present spoke to our students out after the presentations and said how inspiring, gifted and engaging they both were.

#aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

BBC NI visit Glengormley

The camera and online workers from BBCNI came in to allow our students an insight into their careers and how the technology/media industry works. Our Young Reporter’s team (Year 8 – 13) had a super day and loved the experience.
#aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

Year 11 BBC Young Reporters visit UUJ

A selection of our Year 11 BBC Young Reporters visited Ulster University to partake in a Digital City Day. From creating news stories to animations and meeting some journalists to discuss career opportunities, it’s clear that a fantastic day was had by all!

Year 8 Autobiographies

Well done to Mrs Fox’s Year 8 class who produced amazing auto-biographies as a homework project. The class have had great fun admiring and reading others’ work. 6 students received cards and presents as recognition for their efforts, decided by the class. Some are even presenting their work for us all to hear. Everyone produced amazing folders and will be rewarded through achievement points.

Miss Shearer’s Class take on Willy Wonka

Miss Shearer’s Year 8 are reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography ‘Boy’ as their class novel. It’s clear Roald Dahl had a very sweet tooth as a child, and his experiences with sweets and chocolate as a young boy gave him the inspiration to write his best-selling novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. As part of our study of the novel, our class decided to take on the challenge of designing a brand new type of sweet or candy bar! We started by conducting a taste test with the old fashioned sweets Roald Dahl mentions in his book, then we went on to design our posters and find effective vocabulary to describe how our sweets might taste!

Our class worked really hard on their designs, and we came up with some absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious ideas! Congratulations to our three winners!

1st Place – Tyler Nicholl
2nd Place – Sarah Cowan
3rd Place – Luci Hume
Honourable Mention – Aliyah Monthe

Could you join the School Report Team?

Could you be part of the BBC School Report team? We are looking for pupils from Year 8 to 11 to take part in this programme. You will have the opportunity to meet the BBCNI team; camera crew, radio presenters and more. Speak to Mrs Fox in 9C for more information.

World Mental Health Day Poetry Competition Winner

Wednesday 10th October was World Mental Health Awareness Day. Our Year 8 students raised awareness by delivering their poems with confidence. We had a number of fantastic poems yet Zara Davies was our worthy winner. She won a £15 Amazon voucher.

I entered the poetry competition as I know looking after my Mental Health is important. I don’t want others to feel alone with their thoughts. It was an amazing experience reading my poem. If I could, I would do it all again!