Religious Education @ GHS

More than just an exam!

Religious Education is all about you, your life and the issues you face.  Preparing you for the society and the world you live in.



Mrs S Dodds – Head of Department

The aim of Religious Education in GHS is to promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all our pupils.


In the RE department we aim to help pupils:

  • Develop an interest and enjoyment of RE.


  • Understand how RE is a powerful influence in people’s lives, society and the world.


  • Respect, understand and appreciate religious diversity. Showing an awareness of other people’s beliefs and the society they live in.


  • Reach their academic potential, promoting a high standard of work and behaviour.


  • Explore religious and ethical issues in a safe environment where pupils can ask questions. To develop enquiring minds where they can become sure of their own beliefs and explain them clearly to others.


  • To work independently and as a team.

Key stage 3 RE

In RE at Key stage 3 we follow the national curriculum.  We seek to make RE relevant and enjoyable at Key Stage 3.

Year 8

In Year 8 pupils study the following units:

I am unique

God and the Bible

The Life of Jesus



Year 8 pupils receiving Bibles from the Gideons.


Year 9

In Year 9 pupils study the following units:


The Teachings of Jesus




Year 10

In Year 10 pupils study the following units:

Prejudice and Reconciliation

Helping others

Love in Action



OCN Religious Studies is a Level 2 qualification which is equivalent to a grade B at GCSE.  All pupils in Year 11 and 12 complete this course.  There are 9 coursework units which are studied:

  • Addiction
  • Life and Death Issues
  • Charity
  • Life of a Famous Person of Faith
  • Prejudice
  • World Faith
  • Marriage
  • Personal Identity and Faith
  • Faith in the Community


Careers using RE

Many jobs appreciate the skills that you learn through studying RE, these are diverse and sometimes unexpected.  RE helps you with any job that involves working with others.

You should consider studying RE if you are considering any of the following careers:

Personnel Work; Teaching; Police; Nursing; social Work; Probation; Youth Work; Law; Community Work; Medicine; The Armed Forces.

Habitat for Humanity visit Year 10 RE

Today Pete from Habitat Northern Ireland came in to speak to some of our Year 10 pupils about their charity work, both locally and globally. The Year 10s have already started their OCN course for R.E, and as part of that they have to complete a research project on a chosen charity, it was fantastic hearing first-hand about the work that one of our local charities do, and the impact they are having around the globe!
Miss McKnight.

Stand By Me visit Adrenaline

Johnny Farrell from Stand by Me came to SU today to talk about their work with young people from very poor countries. This made us appreciate everything we have and think about those who have very little. Johnny will be back at SU next week – All staff and pupils are welcome to come. There will be some challenges and prizes!

Nomad visit our Year 8 Pupils

On Thursday the NOMAD team from Youth for Christ were in school working with Year 8.  The team set up a portable football cage in the school assembly hall.  Pupils worked in groups, developing their football skills and playing football in the cage.  The sessions then finished with an RE lesson on prejudice.

During break and lunch we had a drop-in, when other pupils could play football.  Everyone really enjoyed the day, a huge thank you to the NOMAD team for coming into and to Glengormley Baptist for helping us to organise the event.