Maths department staff

Mrs E Sharpe (Head of Department)

Mrs M Naughton (Senior Teacher)

Mr D McNabb (Senior Teacher)

Mr A Carleton

Mrs G McDermott


The Maths Department aims to ensure that during their Maths lessons each student will develop the skills to be able to:

  • Perform basic numeracy/mathematical skills
  • Gain the qualifications needed in his/her chosen career or for entry to Higher or Further Education
  • Understand the Maths likely to be encountered in daily adult life
  • Experience satisfaction and enjoyment in his/her mathematical achievements
  • Obtain his/her best possible results throughout their school career


Departmental Overview

Key Stage 3

All students follow the same curriculum within each year group with lessons appropriately differentiated.  In Year 8 we build upon and strengthen the concepts introduced at KS2.  In Years 9 and 10 our pupils will be introduced to concepts and topics needed at GCSE level.



Pupil experiences:

“I love Maths, it is fun.  My teacher helps us learn and I know that I need Maths for lots of jobs when I leave school.”

“Maths is fun and enjoyable.”

“I love Maths because I find it an enjoyable subject.  I think that the teachers make it fun.”





Students in Years 11 and 12 will follow the CCEA Maths specification for GCSE.  They will complete one module worth 45% at the end of Year 11 and the other worth 55% in Year 12.

GCSE Further Maths is available as an option choice for those pupils studying Higher Tier Maths who are considering studying A Level Maths in Sixth Year.


Pupil experiences:

“Maths is my favourite and strongest subject.  I find it easy because my teacher explains everything really well.”

“Maths is really enjoyable.  My teacher is amazing and explains Maths so well.  Even though Maths can be difficult, I know that my teacher will help me to do the best of my ability.”

“I love Maths because it is challenging, enjoyable and interesting.  I always try my best!”

“I like Maths because I find the subject enjoyable and the teachers are lovely.”

“I like Maths because there are lots of different topics.  I find it challenging but fun and I like my teacher.”


A Level

Students who have performed particularly well at GCSE Level and choose to study Maths at A Level will follow the CCEA specification.  A Grade A in GCSE Maths is essential and GCSE Further Maths is desirable.  Students will study two Pure Maths modules along with one Statistics module in Year 13.  Two Pure Maths modules and one Mechanics module will be studied in Year 14.


Pupil experiences:

“I enjoy Maths as I like problem solving and confronting challenging questions.  I achieved an A* in my Maths GCSE which shows my enthusiasm for the subject.  All of the Maths teachers I’ve had so far have been very helpful.”

“I chose to study Maths at A Level because while I was doing my GCSE Maths I was able to enjoy the topics that the subject had to offer me.  I enjoy doing Maths.”

“I chose to study Maths because I enjoyed all of the topics from Years 11 and 12 (loved surds the most though J).  I have good relationships with all of the teachers and I am really enjoying A Level Maths so far.”

“Maths is a fun subject.  It offers great topics such as quadratics, cumulative frequencies and simultaneous equations.  The Maths teachers are helpful and good at making the topics fun.  Maths is my favourite subject.”

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often will I get Maths homework?

Maths homework will be set regularly.  All students should complete all homework given by teachers to the best of their ability.

  • What materials will I need to bring to my Maths class?


You should always be equipped with your classwork book, a pen, a pencil, a ruler and a scientific calculator (Year 10 onwards).


  • How can I be successful at Maths?

Always work to the best of your ability and always ask your teacher if you need any help.

  • What careers prospects are there with Maths?

Maths is important because it is the most widely used subject in the world.  Every career uses some types of Maths.  Doing Maths helps you to reason and organise complicated situations or problems into clear steps.  Therefore by doing Maths students will develop their logical thinking and problem solving skills that are needed in all jobs.

There are many career possibilities for students with Maths A-Level.  Here are examples of a few:

  • Finance
  • Accountant
  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Teacher
  • Marketing
  • Management
  • Human resources


Useful Maths websites

Elf Bungee Jumps

On Thursday some of Santa’s Elves were involved in a bungee jump project with our Year 8 Maths students. The pupils worked in groups to collect data and then they used their tables and graphs to calculate how the elves could safely make a bigger bungee jump. No elves were injured today!

Year 10 Explore Circle Theory

Mrs McDermott’s class investigated the relationship between the circumference and diameter of circles. They measured the circumference and found if they divided it by the diameter the answer was always around 3. A few pupils managed to get 3.14 – the exact value of Pi, the number we were trying to discover!

Former pupils visit the Maths Department

On Friday 22nd June former pupils Anna O’Connor and Katie Diven called in for a visit. Anna is studying Sociology with criminology at UUJ and Katie is completing an accountancy apprenticeship with PWC.

The girls said

I miss school, I really miss it, I miss the routine, sixth year were the best years, we had such close relationships with our teachers.

Mossley’s Maths Day

To celebrate World Maths Day Mrs Sharpe and 3 A Level Maths pupils went to Mossley Primary School for ‘Mossleys Maths Day 2018’.  The 3 girls were Holly Clyde, Zoe Wright and Sarah Ferguson.  Zoe and Sarah worked with P1 pupils practicing odd and even numbers, while Holly and Mrs Sharpe had a geometry ‘escape room’ type quiz with each of the 3 P7 classes.  A fun day was had by everyone involved.

Mrs McDermott’s class investigate 3D shapes

Mrs McDermott’s year 8 Maths class were investigating 3D shapes by using marshmallows and cocktail sticks to for the vertices and edges.  We made as many different shapes as we could then we had a competition to see who could make various shapes the quickest.  Check out their hard work in room 9G on Open Night.  There were even a few marshmallows left over at the end for a breaktime treat!

Year 9 Maths Izak Cube Challenge

On Friday 15th of December some of our Year 9 pupils took part in a variety of challenges using the Izak 9 cubes.  Well done to all who participated!

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