We believe that literacy is central to the development of learning and that the promotion of literacy will enhance our pupils’ cultural and intellectual growth to enable an individual to achieve his or her goals, to develop his or her knowledge and potential, and to participate fully in the wider society. The ability to read, write and communicate fluently in a rapidly changing world is vital for our pupils.


We also recognise that all forms of language contribute to the development of literacy:  Talking, Listening, Reading and Writing.  The ability to use these forms of language in specific contexts will allow our pupils to develop knowledge, understanding and skills for learning.

As a Specialist School in ICT we also recognise that ICT will be used across the curriculum to support and develop literacy.


Media literacy is also central to pupils’ learning as The Office of Communication (Ofcom) defines it as: ‘the ability to access, understand and create communications in a variety of contexts’.

The following principles add force to our main beliefs about the development and promotion of Literacy:

  • To develop pupil’s confidence as learners and users of language;
  • To develop pupil’s key skills in all areas of language;
  • To develop pupil’s knowledge of and familiarity with a wide range of literature both fiction and non-fiction enabling them to make choices about the  kinds of texts they enjoy;
  • To develop pupil’s ability to use information texts and to locate, extract and use relevant information;
  • To develop  pupil’s ability to read fluently using reading methods which are appropriate to the material and task;
  • To enable pupils to generalise beyond English to all areas of the curriculum in order to apply and develop their skills;
  • To develop writing skills for a range of purposes and audiences, using spelling, punctuation appropriately and with confidence;
  • To enable pupils to communicate clearly and with assurance in appropriate forms of speech.  They should be able to talk and listen in a variety of groupings and in both formal and informal contexts;
  • To promote a wide use of Information and Communication Technology and Media as a medium for the further development of language both in English and across the curriculum

Successful Writers to have Poetry published

What a few weeks for our creative, original and inspiring writers. We have 73 students who have been selected to have their poetry published and will now be eligible to be judged by a panel for a chance to win even bigger prizes. Well done!

Over 100 students’ short stories have been selected for publication out of a huge 24,000 entries from across the country. What an achievement! Parents, please return permission letters for print when they are given out early next week.

Miss Shearer’s Class take on Willy Wonka

Miss Shearer’s Year 8 are reading Roald Dahl’s autobiography ‘Boy’ as their class novel. It’s clear Roald Dahl had a very sweet tooth as a child, and his experiences with sweets and chocolate as a young boy gave him the inspiration to write his best-selling novel ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. As part of our study of the novel, our class decided to take on the challenge of designing a brand new type of sweet or candy bar! We started by conducting a taste test with the old fashioned sweets Roald Dahl mentions in his book, then we went on to design our posters and find effective vocabulary to describe how our sweets might taste!

Our class worked really hard on their designs, and we came up with some absolutely scrumdiddlyumptious ideas! Congratulations to our three winners!

1st Place – Tyler Nicholl
2nd Place – Sarah Cowan
3rd Place – Luci Hume
Honourable Mention – Aliyah Monthe

World Mental Health Day Poetry Competition Winner

Wednesday 10th October was World Mental Health Awareness Day. Our Year 8 students raised awareness by delivering their poems with confidence. We had a number of fantastic poems yet Zara Davies was our worthy winner. She won a £15 Amazon voucher.

I entered the poetry competition as I know looking after my Mental Health is important. I don’t want others to feel alone with their thoughts. It was an amazing experience reading my poem. If I could, I would do it all again!

Accelerated Readers rewards breakfast celebrates success.

Over this year a number of our pupils from Years 8 to 10 received reading support from our Classroom Assistants as part of the Accelerated Readers Programme. To recognise their effort, commitment and improvement we held a Graduation Breakfast in the library this morning. The pupils were also presented with a Certificate of Achievement. Well done to everyone involved!

#aspiretosucceed #learningwithoutlimits

Glengormley High celebrates World Book Day

World Book Day is a celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading. It is the biggest celebration of its kind and marked in over 100 countries all over the world. The main aim of World Book Day is to encourage children to explore the pleasures of books.  Today, we celebrated World Book Day with our ‘Books and Breakfast’ event. Pupils enjoyed a variety of activities and a group quiz in the school library. Well done to everyone involved.

National Poetry Day Poems

The following poems were written for National Poetry Day with the theme ‘Remember’. Here are some poems that were written by our pupils during form class.


Rivers full of blood,

Engines roar above,

Marching closer to victory.

Echos of screams haunt them,

Machine guns crop the men in the field.

Bombs dropped left and right,

Everywhere, for your freedom and peace.

Remember, remember, remember.

By Peter Archbold and David Ochojski VES











By the Year 8 pupils VES



Remember the days that have passed.

Every day. We’ll never forget them.

Memories of soldiers fighting wars.

Effects of shellshock still linger.

Memories of those who have fallen.

Brutal times have gone.

Everlasting poppies grow.

Remember the days that have passed.

Reminiscing in the trees

Easily listening to the bees

Monotone their fluent buzz

Even sounds by wings and fuzz

Momentary my conscience seized

By such sweet sounds of such sweet bees

Every day I plan to be

Remembering my happy bees.

By Angel Brown VRB





Everlasting torture


Bitter so

Even when you’re feeling down

Remember that you have friends

By ‘W.B. Sharpe’ VJS






Moment, every minute


Everyone needs to









Bitter and





Rejoice in




Memory is

Beautiful and



By Samuel (Taylor) Sharpe VJS