What just happened? A guide for parents and carers coping with Covid

Parents and Carers….we find ourselves in strange and unfamiliar times. The last several months have been extremely challenging  as our world has been turned upside down.

In school we are working hard to adjust and adapt to the ever changing circumstances we encounter and we will be striving to ensure that our pupils, as usual, receive the best quality education possible.

As we near the start of our new school year many of us may have experienced and may still be having feelings of isolation, anxiety, and uneasiness about the future.

This guide provides you will some key advice in dealing with the challenges we face. Find a copy available at the following link


What just happened? A guide to coping with Covid.


Scanning Pens Trial

Scanning Pens Trial Available

Scanning Pens is a leading supplier of Assistive Technology with offices in the US, UK, Australia, India and Canada. Thousands of children use the ReaderPen every day of the week in schools and at home. For many years Scanning Pen has provided free trials to schools, but now for the first time ever Scanning Pens is delighted to offer a free 14 day trial of the Award Winning ReaderPen to parents.